What's so important about alkaline diet: 7 foods high in alkali content

Over the past few years, the alkaline diet has become very famous, especially among those who follow health and wants to keep a healthy diet. To comply with such a diet is quite simple, requires only a few minor changes in your daily diet.

Above is a table of the distribution of products in the content of alkaline elements. To the left are the products with higher pH. The lower the product, the lower the contents of alkali and completing the table products with acid content.

What is the alkaline diet? To understand the essence of the diet, you need to submit a scale at the opposite ends of which are alkali and acid. There are substances that are between the alkaline and acidic – they are called neutral substances. The scale of measurement of the content of alkali varies in the range from 0 to 14.If the pH is above seven, then the substance is considered alkaline, below seven is acidic. If the pH is seven, then the substance is neutral.

pH is "pH". pH defines a "change in electrical resistance in the body between the negative and positive ions". Positive ions are acid-forming particles, and the negative involved in the formation of alkali. pH – a measure of the activity of the interaction between the ions.

What is the pH necessary for the body? The optimum level of alkali in the body is around the value of 7.4. It is enough to maintain the best conditions for the healthy functioning of the body. Also the valid values of 7.36 and 7,44.

Blood effectively plays the role of transporting oxygen and other nutrients at a certain pH in the body. Deviation from the permissible level of pH may cause significant harm to humans. The key to success is a proper balance between alkaline and acid content.

Our body has alkaline reserves that are used in violation of the balance in favor of acidity. However, they are not limitless, and it should fill up with different foods. The excess alkali is reserved for the neutralization of acids in the future.

Why do people disturbed alkaline balance toward acidity Not only nutrition disturbs the balance and causes the need for alkali. Almost all tissues of our body are alkaline based, but many of them are able to produce acid which must be neutralized. Struggling with this, our muscles, our food and breathing.

The problem of the excessive acidity of the Majority of modern consumers use such products with a high content of acidity such as meat, grains, refined oils, carbohydrates and sugar. They forget about the need for alkaline food. In the body, these products can contribute to about 100mEq of acid per day, and people can process only half. Without alkali gives the body vital minerals to suppress acidity.

What foods should eat to maintain an alkaline balance? The high levels of alkalis can be seen in fresh vegetables and fruits.

Why is alkaline so important the Excess acid and lack of alkali can lead to serious health problems. When the body has enough elements to reduce the acid-base balance, the body begins to take them from the bones and vital tissues. It is very harmful and reduce the body's immunity and ability to regenerate, which leads to various diseases.

Increased acidity can cause headaches, acne, indigestion, low immunity, joint pain, seasonal allergies. Possible weight loss or redundancy.

In the acidic environment of the digestive tract can develop various bacteria and cancer cells, but all of this could be avoided by alkali. All bodies are influenced by pH, including the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, pancreas, thyroid, intestines and so on.

Top 7 foods high in alkali content in the First place – lemons. Lemons contain a large amount of alkali. And it's a great excuse to start your day with a glass of warm water with fresh juice of lemon or lime.

Second place – the greens. Greens are an excellent source of alkali, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals substances.

Third place – the roots. Radishes, beets, turnips, carrots, horseradish and turnips can very positively affect your body.

Fourth place – cucumbers and celery. They are included in the list of the most alkaline foods. Help to neutralize the acid and normalize digestion.

Fifth place – garlic. Garlic is not only a source of alkali, but a very important product to maintain immunity. It has high antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Sixth place – cruciferous vegetables. It may include cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and broccoli.

Seventh place – avocado. Avocado helps to normalize the acid-alkaline balance, and also contains large amounts of vitamins, fatty acids and amino acids.



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