Magic, gentle kiss

Kissing can cause the heart to pump every minute in 1 liter of blood more than usual, and it also sets in motion 28 muscles simultaneously and instantly increases blood pressure, in a place with the adrenaline going, as well as a dozen burns calories. But where did this man have the desire - grabbing other people's lips with his own?

Physiologist, Ph.D. Rinad Minvaleev believes that our desire to kiss - is more proof that we are the representatives of the animal world. Dogs, cats, and other mammals representatives at the meeting with interest sniff each other's anus. It would seem, what's the connection with the lips? But, in terms of physiology, anus - this is the same outlet of the digestive tract, as well as the mouth.

By the way, similar reflections partly preserved in humans. Recall, the sustained attention of men to the pelvic region of women, although this does not mean that they're going to certainly sniff.

Closer us the option of dating - a kiss on the lips - the invention of our closest relatives, the apes. However, they do not disdain the first, but still. The physiological significance of this ritual is to get each other for the analysis of antigenic material.

In other words, our immune system is trying to determine how the offspring of this man will be healthy. Would not it be possible cause of conflict immunnnogo process of gestation, without the mother's body will reject any future fruit.

In women, this conflict is often manifested toxemia in the first half of pregnancy. If morning sickness is not controlled by medication, it is very likely a miscarriage. If we have the opportunity to receive an antigenic material in advance (for that we breathe in the smell of partner dancing together and kissing), the risk of miscarriage or birth of a sick child is reduced.

Analysis of genetic material obtained from a partner by kissing, in our body is engaged in a huge number of macrophage cells. Together they form a strictly organized system, which, in fact, similar to the nervous system. But if nervous analyzes and stores the usual information from the surrounding world, the immune system treats the genetic information. And we're in communication continue to rely on the results of this analysis, making conclusions for themselves: our cute or that person, or the need to stay away from him. Woman kissing an average of about 79 men before getting married.

By the way, not only kissing couples, but also politicians, and a man with a man and a woman with a woman. The essence is the same - to understand how long they can stay in one place, how to build a relationship that does not appear allergic to humans. Something like Sensor detection system "friend or foe". Although modern focus on high psychology, political correctness in an "if only the man was good" significantly inhibits our natural laboratory findings.

Did you know that:

1. The kiss is simply necessary for our peace of mind, as many psychologists believe.

2. The kiss involving tongue excites the desire - no matter to what part of the body it is used.

3. Women attach greater importance to kissing than men.

4. Some women claim that reaches orgasm by deep kissing on the lips. This phenomenon occurs in approximately 1-2% of the representatives of our gender.

5. Even if not all fall on Kissing "Seventh Heaven", the endorphins released during this in blood and having narcotic effect, give a feeling of bliss and peace.

German scientist and psychologist from Kassel Harald Euler agree with my colleague from Vienna, however, in his opinion, necessary to "condition for the beneficial effects of a kiss on the human body" is its duration, which shall not be less than 3 minutes


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