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Swelling of the upper eyelids - a symptom of disorders of the urinary system, likely the kidneys. It should be checked by a doctor.

The appearance of bags under the eyes, unless it is a sign of skin aging can be attributed to disruption of the heart. But kidney disease, as is commonly thought, the bags often have no relationship.

The shadows around the eyes speak of circulatory disorders of the brain. The reasons - the constant fatigue, stress, lack of sleep, poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle.

In the normal state the pupils of both eyes have the same size and shape. If the pupil is narrowed to a party, it is a direct indication of the change in intracranial pressure.

Red-eye is called scientifically vascular injection sclera. The reason may be allergic conjunctivitis or cold (such as SARS). Eyes turn red due to the blood flow to the location of the microbe or allergen.

Serious case

Brilliant eyes in eight cases out of ten brilliant sclera - the protein shell of the eyeballs - and increased lacrimation indicate inflammatory diseases of the nasopharynx before the advent of the common cold and fever.

Blood eye hemorrhages in the sclera of eyeballs often point to increased blood and intracranial pressure. It is necessary to know all those who suffer from hypertension or cerebrovascular circulation.

That's called the bug-eyed people in Graves' disease, or - toxic diffuse goiter. The disease is characterized by enlargement of the thyroid gland, increasing its functions and accompanied by the development of toxicity.

Barb - a phenomenon almost normal. The skin on the periungual bed pretty thin, but if you do not moisturize cream, then another, and dry, and easily toiling. Unpleasant fact that skin disorders are a gateway for pathogenic microbes. So often it burrs become a cause of inflammation of the nail platen (paronychia) or just a finger (felon).

Perforated nail - a sign of possible pathology of the spleen. Urgently to the doctor!

Brittle nails and a layer of talk about the lack of vitamin D, calcium absorption enhancer. Lean on fish oil, cod liver oil and egg yolk.

Nail healthy person - a smooth, matte and shiny pink color is uniform. Pale nails may indicate anemia. Yellow - the problems with the liver. Blue - on diseases of the lungs and heart.

White spots indicate a lack of vitamin A and vitamin B, which provide structural integrity to surface tissues, including the skin, hair and nails. Find them in food is not a problem: dairy products, eggs, meat and poultry, fish and spinach - at your service.

Serious case

Concave nail nails take such a form when softening and thinning of the nail plate. If it is not a hereditary trait, concave nail indicates iron deficiency and atrophy of the intestinal mucosa.

Two-color nail whitening closest to the nail shaft of the nail (to 2/3 of the total surface) is called a symptom of Terry. It is manifested in heart failure and cirrhosis of the liver, accompanied by a lack of the protein albumin.

Brown nail hyperpigmentation of nail plate - the first sign of adrenal insufficiency, the body's iron overload (intensive training here at anything, it's about food and medicines) and arsenic poisoning.

White plaque occurs for several reasons. It may be an indication of illness of the liver, bile ducts, gastritis or gastric ulcer. These diseases lead to a breach of digestion at some point or another, so the sign they have one at all.

Plaque that covers only the back of the tongue indicates the presence of inflammation in the colon, mid language - inflammation in the stomach and small intestine.

White plaque occurs for several reasons. It may be an indication of illness of the liver, bile ducts, gastritis or gastric ulcer. These diseases lead to a breach of digestion at some point or another, so the sign they have one at all.

Wet pink tongue with slight whitish bloom says that you are completely healthy. Bright red - a symptom of the inflammatory process. In other words, the common cold. Red and without plaque - a sign of dehydration caused by a viral infection. Pale tongue indicates a lack of blood in the body. Yellowish - problems with the gallbladder or liver. Bluish - to heart disease.

Serious case

Large and small doctors say that chronic gastritis with high acidity, inflammation of the small and large intestines language in the volume increases. But gastritis with low acidity - is slightly reduced.

Atrophic Another name - "smooth". Papillae language almost invisible, making it appear thin and shiny and is more sensitive to spicy food. Cause atrophy - a lack of folic acid, iron and B vitamins

Pleated relatively common variant of normal structure. Fissured tongue is found in 5% of the population. Numerous furrows give back of the tongue wrinkled appearance, but the integrity of the mucosa is intact and there is no pain.


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