Art-project " the stars of postcards," Postcard Series from Amir Zainorin

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Artists wishing to be promoted and grab your piece of the pie is stuffed with fame and popular recognition, often used in his works images of famous historical characters. And although such practices are frowned upon by many, if not dismissive, some works are devoted to celebrities, really worthy of attention. So, the artist Amir Zainorin has created many postcards huge portraits of George Washington, Mao Zedong, Queen Elizabeth, Abraham Lincoln, and Lenin. This art project is called Postcard Series.

Born in Malaysia, but working in Denmark, traveling around the globe in search of vivid impressions, interesting ideas and images for art, the artist is forced to travel the greater part of his life, moving from place to place, from city to city, from hotel to hotel. Such a life on wheels gives a creative person a certain advantage over other people, and our artist — and even the materials for creativity. After all, his collages-portraits consist of free cards obtained in cafes, restaurants and art galleries as an advertisement.

A series of portraits-collages of multicolored cards is not over. Project Postcard Series is planned as a large-scale and long-term

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