16-year-old schoolgirl has created a flashlight, working exclusively at the expense of body heat

Let there be light!

16-year-old Anne Makosinski from Victoria, Canada, came up with a wonderful invention: a flashlight, working exclusively on body heat. Her project won second place in the local science fair, and it paved the way to the Google Science Fair 2013, where she was declared the winner in his age group. This year, Anne has updated his invention to version «handsfree»: it is fed by body heat lamp, which is mounted on the head. Behind her she won this year's Uestonskuyu youth award for innovation.

The secret lies in the invention Anne thermoelectric technology and in devices called Peltier tiles. And it's really amazing that no one ever has thought to use this technology to power the flashlight. Think of all the alkaline batteries, the use of which we might refrain!

Anne, half Filipina, said the idea for the project came into her mind at that moment, when she was talking with a friend in the Philippines, which had no electricity. My friend could not finish his homework, and had to go to school. "It became the inspiration for my project. I just wanted to help a friend, and my flashlight was a possible solution ».

When she thought about the problem, then I remembered that she had read that people are, in fact, are the walking 100-volt light bulbs. "I thought, why not use body heat? After all, we radiate so much heat that is wasted, "- she explained. She began by designing several prototypes, and after a few months it "hollow torch" was ready. Anne called Flashlight "hollow" because it is, in fact, hollow aluminum tube, which cools the Peltier tiles that are connected to the cylinder flashlight. The other side is heated by the hand which holds the device, and if the version «handsfree» - head, which carries the lamp.

When the girl showed the device to parents who are also lovers of electronics, they were very surprised. "I do not believe it, I have to see the scheme," - said her father.

Keith Payne, a teacher of biology from school Anne learned of flashlights, Anne recommended to submit the draft at the annual Google Science Fair. Anne did so, and then forgot about it. As to treat thousands of children from around the world, she did not think she has some chances, but a few months later, Anne was named the winner in his age group.

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