Giant panda pretended to be pregnant, to get more attention, fruit and muffins

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In the near future, live Chinese television had to show a fascinating spectacle - the birth of the little panda. But the show does not take place, "pregnant" star of the show is not going to give birth. Experts believe that she just pretended pregnant to get home warmer and more treats.

Giant panda named Ai Hin lives in the Center for the Study of giant pandas in Chengdu. Recently, she began to show signs of pregnancy. But now experts think that the panda experienced phantom pregnancy because her behavior and physiological parameters returned to normal.

In the nursery decided to show more concern for the future moms, pandas as pandas are endangered and it is important to do everything possible to babies born healthy. Pregnant females lodge in single cages and take care of them 24 hours a day.

It is believed that the panda - the animals are smart: they understand that their care could be better. They see that pregnant or sick pandas get more rolls, fruit and bamboo, so that some individuals are using it to their advantage.

What to Ai Hin, the experts have every reason to believe her pregnant. She became less mobile, she worsened appetite. Experts initially even notice a surge of hormones and managed to inform China and the world the good news. And only then we realized that Ah Hin pregnancy is not really.

Chengdu breeding center like necessary to save the giant pandas from extinction. The natural habitat of these animals decreased significantly - now on the site of the forests built the city, and pandas reproduce much more slowly, which puts the survival of the species at risk. In the wild in China, pandas live only in 1600, and another 300 are in captivity.



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