Giant Panda Bear or bamboo

Giant Panda Bear or bamboo is one of the main symbols of China and at the same time is on the verge of extinction. Today we go to the mountain province of Sichuan with photographer Amy Vitale, to see how to grow and care for the pandas, which will soon be released into the wild. Born in captivity panda in a basket preparing to move out of the building in a breeding center in Sichuan, China. All photos from this issue were made from 6 to 11 November 2013.

Because of the long extinction of these animals, and a sharp reduction in the area of ​​their habitat in the world today there are about 1,600 pandas. Conservationist for years tried to increase the population of these lovely black and white bears. In 2005, scientists from the National Reserve Vologne in China for the sake of the experiment was released into the wild young male panda, but he soon died, most likely as a result of a fight with wild pandas. It was then director Zhang Hemin Reserve, who was nicknamed Papa Panda and his team realized that captive born animals really do not know how to be a panda. Then it was decided to convert the entire program from scratch. Chinese experts have decided that the best way to raise pandas suitable for life in the wild - is to erase all traces of human presence from their world and allow mothers to bring up their offspring on their own.

14 panda cubs on a blanket in the middle of breeding and research pandas.

Center employee lucky bamboo panda, who is preparing for life in the wild. Caretakers of the reserve should dress in costumes pandas to animals not seen a man before their release into the wild.

Caretakers in costumes pandas are trying to lure the panda Yun Tao in a box to carry it in another aviary Reserve.

14-year-old panda named Ёё with her cub. His mother was born in captivity, and her cub to prepare to release into the wild in a few years.

Cub Ёё who just a month old.

Costumes pandas hanging in the National Reserve Vologne. All employees of the reserve, which interact with the pandas, who are preparing for life in the wild, pandas have to wear suits.

Zhang Hemin and other caretakers waiting panda released from the cell.

Zhang Xian - a two-year panda born in captivity - released into the wild in November last year.

These pandas are constantly monitoring cameras.

Born in captivity, panda eating bamboo in forest Day Shen, in Sichuan province.

Basket with small bamboo bear in panda breeding center.



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