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Thanks to the strength and sustainability of bamboo, manufacturers of green gadgets long ago laid eyes on him. Bamboo is perfectly suited for a variety of items, from Bicycle case for iPhone. Moreover, instead of hiding under eco-friendly cover of "dirty" plastic case, the company ADzero offers to buy bamboo smartphone.

About his invention ADzero widely tells for a long time. However, only recently was made public the final version of the bamboo smartphone. The company announced it in the UK at the recently concluded exhibition Droidcon London, at the same time announcing prices and discounts for those who subscribe to the bamboo ADzero before the start of sales.

As is clear from the fact, where he was exposed to new communication gadget, it will be managed by the Android operating system. But the buyer will be able to choose between Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, or a private beta version of the Android AD (ADAOS) open source, available to any user.

The latest version of bamboo smartphone, or rather its prototype, presented in London, built on a Quad-core Samsung Exynos processor with a clock frequency of 1.4 GHz. The new 4.5-inch TFT display with HD resolution 720h1280. RAM DDR2 – 1 GB. Built-in memory for data storage is 16 GB.

Smartphone designed to operate in GSM and 3G networks, equipped with wireless module Wi-Fi. Case dimensions 134х68х12 mm. There are dual cameras, front 0.3 MP and vosmimegapikselnaya rear. The battery capacity of 2050 mAh.

However, before ADzero will be sold, it is likely to change, the nature of which we can only guess.

Like many startups, the main concern ADzero – Finance. To start production we need money. On the website financial support for creative projects on Kikstarter bamboo smartphone is open to pre-subscription. ADzero will be grateful for any donations of $10 and above.

It is expected that the smartphone will cost $700. Those who will make a subscription of not less than $300, the promised discount of $100. Patrons, "the bankrupt" for $10,000 will be donated to the smartphone's limited edition with a specially engraved, paid a three-day visit to London for a VIP event to launch sales and a gala dinner with designer Kieron-Scott (Kieron-Scott).


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