The Lumen flashlight that operates without batteries and battery

In early 2016 the sale will be pocket mini Lumen flashlight that runs without batteries and recharging. That is, having this eternal flashlight in your pocket you are always at hand will be an inexhaustible source of light.

The inventors of this device are a group of engineers who created mini pocket flashlight Lumen can be recharged from heat of a human. One has only to take it in hand and touch the flashlight body with a finger as he begins to glow, as a mini flashlight works on the principle of thermoelectric generator.

That is, the source of energy for the flashlight will be enough thermal heat ranging from 28 degrees Celsius. The ideal source would be a human finger.

On the body mini flashlight there is a small groove for the thumb, touching the flashlight which immediately "wakes up" and begins to glow almost non-stop. The flashlight has a weight of only 45 grams and has an aluminum body. In the flashlight body in addition to TAG the device is integrated a battery and a capacitor.

The torch gives a strong beam of light that can illuminate objects at a distance from him in a few metres, but is able with dignity to perform the functions of an assistant in an emergency, for example, when instantly the lights went out at home, in the Elevator, in the car or truck. Yes, and wearing a lightweight mini flashlight in my jacket pocket or purse very conveniently.

To purchase a flashlight will be available in early 2016, the cost will be approximately no more than $ 15.published


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