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For domestic vehicles can be viewed as anything but the fact remains that in our country ride them the vast majority of motorists. I therefore propose to learn about the top model domestic cars at different times

1985 VAZ-2110 "Experienced┬╗

The first attempt to break out of the VAZ compact cars. This was meant "ten" - and this she became, if at that time the development of a new model of "AvtoVAZ" to cope for 3-5 years, not 10-20.

1988 VAZ-2108 "Targa┬╗

Trying to make the coolest "Lada" sport and not expensively, simply upgrade existing strong "eight". But cool body "targa" like a Porsche, VAZ proved too tough.

1998 Lada Peter Turbo

That's how designers AvtoVAZ presented their flagship model for the early 2000s: a great car with good aerodynamics. The roof and the surface of the body from the bonnet to the boot experimenters did not convex, as usual, and concave. The audience did not appreciate refinement.

2007 Project C

Do away with the "top ten" and make bigger flagship AvtoVAZ decided in 2007. Went wrong, frankly, c the very beginning, even though the project has dragged five or seven years.

2008 Lada C-Cross Concept

Finally at the WHA have realized that the future of crossovers, and rolled out to the dealership, they claimed their future flagship model. Damn, great for "Lada"! Only been six years, and its crossover AvtoVAZ is still no. Another concept - Lada X-Ray - was shown last year. And one more this year. But yet become a flagship Lada Vesta.

2014 Lada Vesta

Well, sort of a new flagship AvtoVAZ decided - now that Vesta. Although it is also a concept yet. A "ten" (officially called her first Lada 110, subsequently - Priora), who held the post 19 years in a row, once again renew and promise to send to the rest only in 2018. When in fact it should have happened 12 years ago ...

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