"AvtoVAZ" will start to grow cucumbers?

Russia's largest carmaker AvtoVAZ came up with yet another lesson for laid-off workers. In addition to the park "Detprom Togliatti" in the Samara region can appear based hothouse "AvtoVAZagro", a subsidiary of the automaker. Experts warn that this business can also be loss-making.

Who AvtoVAZ works 102 thousand. Man, the end of the first quarter, more than 30 thousand. Man must be dismissed. Management of the plant explains the need for massive layoffs decline in demand for cars and the removal from office of officers intends to propose new work.

Until this week, it was the work of a factory for the manufacture of toys. His Togliatti is going to build a consortium of nine "toy" companies. By the way, the union AvtoVAZ has called the proposal "a humiliating».
Instead of collecting machines - harvesting

As reported a few days ago, Reuters referring to the newspaper "Samara Review" now laid-off employees may receive alternative - the automaker is going to engage in vegetable production. Its subsidiaries' AvtoVAZagro "will produce cucumbers and tomatoes. "We think it is a good idea - said in an interview with the vice-president of AvtoVAZ Corporate Governance Pauline Grishina.- now make a business plan, we estimate investment to start and look forward to a positive consideration of the draft programs of development of small and medium-sized businesses and Employment ».

The company "AvtoVAZagro" was founded in 1969. Now she manages the nursery growing seedlings of trees and shrubs in the area of ​​70 ha and 3 ha of greenhouses for growing flowers and seedlings in pots. In addition to agricultural operations, the company offers leasing of garden and construction equipment, as well as leases premises, such as garages, heated parking lots and warehouses.

Meanwhile, in Togliatti reacted with skepticism to the undertaking city-forming enterprise. "I have heard about this initiative. I believe that everyone should mind his own business. But such projects only confuse people, but do not give any confidence in the future. All this is too vague, "- said the deputy city council Borislav Togliatti Greenblatt. He recalled that the city existed, but recently ruined greenhouses "Investments". "Unfortunately the cultivation of vegetables in greenhouses - a costly business, and the returns have not always", - stated Greenblatt.
The Tolyatti not grow tomatoes

General Director of the Institute for Agricultural Market Studies Dmitry Rylko automaker warned that Togliatti tomatoes can not grow: "Usually companies prefer to engage in vegetable production in the southern regions of the country. In the Samara region is not the best area for such a business. Greenhouse building rather expensive, and the summer season is too short ».

However, the former president of the International Association of Dealers of AvtoVAZ Yuri Tselikov recalled that the greenhouses for their own needs, and the automaker, there still exists on the basis of the Volga Automobile Plant. "If the shareholders decide to somehow expand the business - this is not anything wrong with that. Especially well it will grow radishes. It's certainly a favorite vegetable is the main shareholder - Renault », - noticed Tselikov.

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