Not only Kalina

AvtoVAZ has brought to Geneva not only Kalina, which, frankly, very few people are interested. On the stand flaunted rather unusual 3-door hatchback called the Lada C. To the surprise of all Russian journalists, this car had a truly modern design that radically distinguishes it from all previous concepts of AvtoVAZ. Previously, "promising developments" Volga auto giant represent themselves rather sad sight. You may not believe it, but considering the new hatch no desire to find a designer who invented this miracle, and tear his hands. Of course, the build quality Lada C has some claim. However, everything falls into place when you know that the design of this car designers AvtoVAZ took only six months. As stated by representatives of AvtoVAZ, for the first time in the history of the automobile young designers were given complete freedom. As a result, the light appeared Lada C. Moreover, the model has not only the body, but also the interior. Its design is partially reminiscent of some modern foreign cars - it can be assumed that this is what the future will look like saloon sedan, which will replace the "top ten" in 2009. Design of the car, however, turned out not without borrowing. For example, the rear of the car is very similar in style to the new Volvo C30. But the essence of the other. Lada C does not look like a car, which dragged science fiction writers of the past. So to foreigners was not particularly ashamed.


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