The automobile market in Vilnius

I'm in the car market, "Garyunay" in Vilnius. Prior to July 1, 2011 there were things much better: sweeping away everything that has a four-wheel drive. But I wander, walk between the rows - the car is, but where are the buyers? Around the same time in the day, in our markets crowds - there is a brisk trade. And here is empty ...

But in this market a lot of "impassable" in the CU cars. And the prices are reasonable. For example, the Audi A6 C4 1994 onwards c diesel engine capacity of 2, 5 liters sold for only $ 2500. And we have the average price for the same car model year is almost $ 8,000! See the difference? Old stuff for such big money, and we still buy - he saw. Therefore, it is not clear who the crisis - we and the Lithuanians.

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The owner of the Opel Astra 2004 with a 1.6 petrol engine can be as little as $ 5,000. The machine also is equipped with a good idea. But what you can buy for the money? Ancient of Audi 80 in 1990?

Audi 80 1994 onwards can be purchased for $ 2,500. According to sellers, it is very expensive. This copy Imported from Germany. According to the local Drover, he is in very good condition, so the price bites. And "barrel" can be bought cheaply. But no, it is not particularly needed: half of Lithuania goes on such machines and, if necessary, in Germany them for 500-800 euro is still a lot left. Just for fun, imagine what will happen around this "drum" in the market in Baranovichi.

For $ 4,500 you can buy a Nissan X-Trail 2004 onwards with a diesel engine 2.2.

But something had to bumper ... Really interesting sculpted clay? We have the cheapest X-Trail is worth $ 13,800. Here, X-Trail 2006 onwards priglyadnom more able to stand side by side at $ 8000 - this is similar to the truth, more than the average in Lithuania.

For Volkswagen Passat 2001 diesel 2.5 asking only $ 3,200. And we have the average price for this model is $ 10,000. Even cry.

Prices of "no-go" car in Lithuania is very attractive, but the latest cars, driven to the market for buyers of the CU, differ sharply higher price. The market takes place among the sellers of specialization: someone fetches cars for the local market and the surrounding neighboring countries, others - for the Russians, Belarusians and Kazakhs. We fit recall cars aged from three to five years with motors up to 1, 5 liters. And these machines in this market there. These - more attention to customers. This Saturday on the market have been seen and Belarusians and Russians - they just chose themselves such machines.

Renault Grand Scenic 1.5 DCI engine with 2010 sold for $ 10,328. We add $ 3284 of customs duties - receives $ 13,612. In Belarus the average price of this car is $ 14,700. The benefit is, even taking into account the costs will drive.

Nissan Qashqai 2009 year worth $ 13,700. Customs clearance Engine 1.5 is $ 3298. Total $ 17,000 for monoprivodnom crossover. In Belarus, the price of this model will start at $ 17,300, the average market of $ 19.400.

Toyota Prius in 2009 sold for $ 11,150. Taking into account the customs duty beyond $ 14,535. In Minsk, on average, this model costs $ 17.000.

Opel Astra has just become a "pass-through": the date of commencement of operation - August 2010. Its owner can be for $ 9600. The customs office for the 1, 3-liter reserve $ 2817 - the output is $ 12,417. The same machine in Minsk will cost about $ 14,500. Option interesting.

In general, go for the machine on the market "Garyunay" meaning we do not see. Yes, the prices are not so bite, but the choice is small. Therefore Kaunas market as was the king of Lithuania, and it still is. While buyers of the CU in Vilnius is - when I bought a Renault Scenic guests from Russia.

And what do they think about Lithuanians themselves? Daniel Jan fetches cars from Europe to the local market. Young, pleasant to talk to people. In our "buy up" does not look like.

 - Not only do you, Belarusians affected by the imposition of customs duties July 1, 2011. Previously, the market was living at the expense of your countrymen - is now calm. Oh, there were times: during rush simply swept away everything. Now this is not. Nevertheless, the market is visited by Belarusians and Russians. But people in Kaunas more. It is clear that the interest in cars from three to five years with motors up to 1.5. Belarusians personally I bought a Renault Kangoo and Megan II year 2008.

 - Cars "no-go" can be on the market very long. Here we are with the father can not sell the Renault Espace 2005. It costs just $ 4000, but the year is here, nobody needs. Previously Belarusians have taken away with hands.

On sale at Daniel and his father a few cars. Fetches them from Europe, mostly from France. It is noteworthy that all the machines almost new tires, and not "slicks", as is often the case with us.

 - The market in Kaunas more, but the state machinery for sale there, worse than in the market. Naturally, there is much greater choice. Are there many broken cars? In the markets have broken the machine - restore them here our jack of all trades. But there is a whole. Come here this Scenic check.

Scenic 2003 onwards for $ 3500 really was not a bit - thickness LPC did not find anything criminal.

 - Be Drover is now challenging and the competition is big, and the influx of customers is not the same. Speaking about the prospects of development of automobile business in Lithuania, it seems to me that he would live. And our Kaunas has been and will remain the largest market for used cars in Europe.



But the automotive market Vilnius yet empty. People do not "walk-through" of machines is not so much. Ford Fiesta, for example, sold in a single copy, and it is a diesel "trehdverka." Therefore, for spare parts and car better to go to Kaunas. But Old Town will certainly recommend a visit. Or in the "Acropolis" go shopping. So, in general, the majority of our compatriots and enters.



Buying, restore - and will shine on the market "Zhdanovichi" "new," "Not crushed" and "unpainted" machine. Emergency Mazda6 2012 onwards It sold for $ 9,000


And the "Muscovites" have been in this market. White exhibited in 2140 for $ 250

Directly on the territory of the market there is a hotel for visitors. Some movement next to her has not been noticed - Empty


Porsche, Ferrari ...



Oldaymery mesma popular in Vilnius. No fees - Lithuanians have the opportunity to bring an interesting car. It is noteworthy that the Beetle 1996 onwards Lithuania came from Brazil. In Minsk many retro cars per day will not meet

There are very fond of the old German cars. So like they are ready to spend time under them. It is possible to buy a car cheap, and it is used by the Lithuanians. Most machines - from your favorite Belarusians 90

Volkswagen Passat B3 station wagon - the most frequent in Lithuania car


Someone goes to the Passat, someone on the Porsche. Interestingly, in Vilnius love convertibles. At night in the Old Town, they often scurry to and fro. At night, the city lives

The price of diesel fuel in Lithuania is about 1, 35 euro. According to local motorists, almost a third of diesel cars filled with Belarusian diesel fuel. But in winter the Belarusian fuel freezes, and Lithuania is working properly.




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