8 reasons why you can disembark from the plane

If you bought a plane ticket, it does not mean that you get to your destination. And not because your plane will crash or be shot down by a missile, and your fault. See 8 reasons why you can disembark from the plane


1. Failure to follow instructions.

This is probably the easiest way to leave the plane before takeoff. If you think that disobeying crew members on Board the aircraft will remain unpunished, very wrong. If the flight attendant decides that the passenger does not respond to her orders and thereby violates the rules, then the pilot can decide on a forced landing, which shall be paid by the culprit.

At the time, saw this one Polish Deputy Jan Rokita, who did not listen to the stewardess of airline of Lufthansa and kept hanging on the empty adjacent armchair cloak of his wife, for which he just dropped out of a plane, despite all the protests. (Photo: ShutterStock).


2. Ragged electronic devices.

All electronic devices of passengers on Board the aircraft during flight should be turned off. This rule applies to absolutely everyone, what once saw the famous Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin. He was forced to leave the plane because despite the requests of the members of the crew, he turned off his mobile phone. (Photo: ShutterStock).


3. Provoking or provocative clothes.

It may even seem ridiculous, but in the U.S. increasingly, there are situations when the crew forces the traveler to leave the plane because of their inappropriate clothing. It is enough that someone of the passengers or crew members will consider your clothing is offensive. In this matter there is some clear and specific requirements, so the final decision is made by members of the crew, in its sole discretion. That maybe they don't like it? Women — blouse with too much cleavage, in men, for example, excessively loose pants, out of which you can see the underwear, as well as inappropriate, offensive drawings and inscriptions on t-shirts. (Photo: philippe leroyer/as flikr.com).


4. Drunkenness on Board.

There are clear rules for all. If the service is already at the airport noticed that the passenger was drunk, he was not allowed to Board. If someone throws the collar in the plane, and despite the warnings of the crew, ignoring them at the same time disturbing the peace or interfering with other passengers can be confident that the pilot will decide to land at the nearest airport and landed the culprit. For an emergency landing will have to pay a drunken passenger. (Photo: CruisAir/as flikr.com).


5. The fight on Board.

If this happens during flight, the pilot must immediately make a decision about an emergency landing at the nearest airport, and hot-tempered passenger will have to pay for it a round sum. (Photo: nour elshams/youtube.com).


6. If you are unable to fasten the seat belts.

Traveling by aircraft can be a real problem for people who suffer from obesity. The crew has not only the right but even the duty to ask the passenger to leave the plane if he can't fasten seatbelts.

And then we have to tell the story of an American woman named Vilma Soltész, who flew on vacation to Hungary with my husband in September 2012, but were never able to return home. The woman weighed 180 pounds, was moved in a wheelchair, she was also amputated one leg. When her health deteriorated, the doctor advised her to return immediately to new York. However, a woman who had arrived in Hungary, the two were not allowed to Board the plane, and once just evicted. Vilma never got home, she died in Hungary on October 22, 2012. Her husband filed a lawsuit against three airlines failed her and won, and now, as reported by the portal nydailynews.com they paid compensation in the amount of $ 6 million. (Photo: ShutterStock).


7. Failure to observe rules of personal hygiene.

Not only clothes may seem irrelevant to passengers. The reason you can "throw" of the aircraft, may also be a... failure to observe rules of personal hygiene. This happened with one man in the canadian airline crew members landed it because he... smelled. (Photo: ShutterStock).


8. The book in the hands of the passenger, not in hand Luggage.

Such a thing happened to the passenger airline Ryanair. She was expelled from the plane on such a prosaic reason: she was holding a book in his hands, and not in the cabin during boarding of the aircraft. After many protests, the most concerned and other passengers, a woman, accompanied by a police escort brought from the plane. Ryanair is not found in the actions of the members of the crew of any violations of the regulations regarding hand Luggage so clear that their decision was considered absolutely correct.



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