Cars in Iraq (15 photos)

One measure of the stabilization of the situation in Iraq is the emergence of a large number of modern cars on the streets of the country. For the first time in several years, hundreds of thousands of brand new cars have flooded the country. If before SUVs were perceived as a symbol of the international coalition forces, it is now increasingly in the streets there are more jeeps belonging to the Iraqis. Photographer Chris Hondros of Getty Images visited earlier this year in Baghdad and took these pictures prove revival automobile culture in Iraq.

1) A member of the body of the Mercedes wipes on sale of new cars in Baghdad. (Getty Images / Chris Hondros)

2) Iraqis car washes one of the latest models at the car wash in Baghdad. Several years ago, Iraqis prefer not to drive new cars for fear that their damaged or destroyed during street killings. (Getty Images / Chris Hondros)

3) An employee of the Iraqi car wipes box car last model in Baghdad. (Getty Images / Chris Hondros)


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