The story of a mercenary, who visited Iraq

This story was told by a former contractor named Ben Thomas, who visited the hot spots in Iraq.

"It's a lesson that I learned from the experience of a year-long contract in Iraq. I tottered on Iraq more than any of those he met, visited everywhere from Kuwait to Iran. I drove into a military colony in armored Hummer rolling on Baghdad in the official white Fords without armor and informal toned Pajero in a local outfit, with diplomats in armored suburbanah with vertolёnym accompaniment. Like everyone else, I have made mistakes and ended up lucky enough to write all this.

CLIENT: Learn to communicate with any client. Some find excellent local guys, and the US Army - the focus of evil. Some will require you to shoot at each left on a road cyclist. I've seen those, and others. Consider their schedules and self-esteem. Do not neglect your own life. Do not let the client convince you, "it is safe. I always do ... "If it's stupid, it's stupid. And again, if we prevent the client to make his case - we are in deep shit. It's a fine line. Do not be too conservative and not to plunge. Yes, if the customer finds a good idea to ride a tea to Muslimov, the back streets around midnight - sometimes have to do it.


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