Cars in Iraq (32 photos)

One measure of the stabilization of the situation in Iraq is the emergence of a large number of modern cars on the streets of the country. For the first time in several years, hundreds of thousands of brand new cars have flooded the country. If before SUVs were perceived as a symbol of the international coalition forces, it is now increasingly in the streets there are more jeeps belonging to the Iraqis. Photographer who shot this report was in the beginning of the year in Baghdad and took these pictures prove revival of car culture in Iraq.

1) Car in Iraq much.

2) Even in the slums of tight alleyways lined with cars.

3) What is the rules of the road and the driver's license in Iraq do not know. Everyone goes where he wants, while continuously pressing the horn and waving his arms. Pedestrians crossing the street, where they want, without paying any attention to moving cars. Drivers them reciprocate. In this case, no accidents per stay in Iraq, the author noted. Unfastened child in the front seat - a common thing.


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