Our younger brothers (12 photos)

In today's Pictures of the you will find: monkeys sweet tooth; odnokryluyu owl; one of five rare brown pandas; turtle with a sacred sign on the back and a lot more ...

1. It Heidi - odnokrylaya owl, which cares Alf Boden at home Pinkenbe, Australia. Mr. Boden and his wife take care of seven-year-owl birth after she broke her wing, falling from a tree. (LIAM KIDSTON / NEWSPIX / REX FEATURES)

2. These chicks parrot Laurie, who just 12 days old, were born in captivity. We take care of them, Chris Humphrey of a nonprofit organization that specializes in educational show for children. (Mark Smith / Newspix / Rex Features)

3. Lion Zimba Gods and bullets in the zoo in Hungary. Zimba was donated to the zoo private sponsor, and now it will grow gods. (EPA)


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