... But its not nice!

The method of "upgrade" looks now the sea: from harmless nail to pumping fat ass lips. Drinking it in different people different, too: someone crooked nose from one mention of the artificial virtues, and some frankly admits, "would be likely to increase to imagine everything." I want to talk about that specifically tested on himself, so that no one accused of incompetence then))). Now very popular nail-eyelashes-hair. These procedures do not go to any comparison of either harm or financial investments with the injection of silicone in different parts of the body, but nevertheless, still they have a lot of enemies.

Let's start with the hair. The main popularizers of extension hair to the masses are, of course, our adored celebrities. Jessica Simpson, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Nicole Scherzinger - so it is easier to list the singers and actresses who had never built up the hair)))

Hardly anyone will dare challenge: it is very beautiful. Long hair is always associated with femininity and refinement, in addition, one can carve all sorts of hairstyles. However, this beauty has a downside - oooogromny hemorrhagic that overwhelm you if you decide to increase hair.

Masters capacity do not hide that for a graft of hair need painstaking care, and do not lie. They are and strive to get confused, get out of their mounts, in addition, whipped, parasites, so that hunting cry. And Naroscheny braids do not like stacked - check for yourself. If your, rodnenky obediently straightened or curled in ringlets, then to bring in the divine form Naroscheny strands need to water them a huge amount of styling products. Make it so that "brushed and went" graft of hair will not work.

However, no matter how many hemorrhoids graft of hair was not part with them is very difficult. I for example, getting rid of extension hair who wore a year and a half, felt chmom bald, although my hair is growing back below the shoulder blades. I can imagine what it was like Victoria Beckham when she returned after a magnificent head of hair to a short hairstyle: :))

I wonder how emotional Paris Hilton survived this time?))

Graft nails - IMHO, it is something without which today can not do a single woman (well, except that, with the exception of those who milk cows or work the land). Manicure on naroshchennyh nails can keep forever, and to break a nail is very difficult (but if they turn out - you can go by yourself from the pain))

Celebrities also prefer Naroscheny nails. However, the majority chooses discreet french manicure. Well, these women like Lady Gaga and Nikki Minaj, you need something special. For example, the claws of Wolverine))

Naroshchennyh painting nails - an art. Some artists silhouetted marigolds such masterpieces that many artists never dreamed of. And how proud owner of such nails will then wear them!

And, finally, about the eyelids. Despite the fact that Eva Longoria is actively fills the television screens that L'Oreal mascara gives her a million cilia, those who at least once in the life of ink used, know - even what you eyelashes kras, more of them will not. They may become wider, longer, but making 40 of 20 lashes would probably only Harry Potter waved his wand. Or the master of capacity, bundles of artificial eyelashes pasted or the whole of their lane.

Lash to brow Kim Kardashian has long been a byword. Surely, this is about it once sang Brothers Grimm "share Hlooo-lashes and take off ...ยป

The most common "pugalka" concerning lashes - is that together with artificial blades and their. I will dispel this myth, because it did so, however. Here it is necessary to decide either not to build lashes at all, or accept the fact that after their withdrawal would have some time to go to the "bald" eyes

And in general, I personally sympathize with many stars: Beauty all good. Even if it is it will have to stick to your hands, head and eyes are some incredible garbage. Only the stars needed for the profession, and here at obyvatelnits have a choice: to remain a "gray mouse" or adorn themselves with artificial charms)))


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