Center of Las Vegas will transform all the laws of sustainable development

Sometime in 1940, an entrepreneur named Bugsy Siegel had dreamed of creating a sparkling oasis in the heart of the Mojave desert. Over time, this dream came true in the birth of the city which today we know as Las Vegas. 70 years later the town centre was in decline. Today there was another dreamer who wants to transform the city centre. Billionaire co-founder of the largest online Shoe store Zappos, Tony CoE has been working hard with the Downtown Partnership to turn "sin city" into a thriving, sustainable urban centre.

Center of Las Vegas should not be confused with the infamous Strip, which still retains the aura of glamour and luxury for a prosperous tourism trade. To the North of the Strip is came in full decay of the Central business district of the city.

In 2010, Zappos moved its headquarters into the old city hall of Las Vegas, bringing with it 1,500 employees. Since then, Tony CoE and Downtown Partnership has built a shopping Mall out of shipping containers, a Wellness centre with gym and demonstration kitchen, as well as sharing cars, which allows its members to exchange Golf cars, Tesla cars and bikes. Downtown Partnership also founded a primary school that focuses on "neuroplasticity, social-emotional learning, and entrepreneurship".

New Las Vegas wants the new city center became a kind of new Silicon valley and attract many potential entrepreneurs. The only thing missing in the ambitious plans, it is a new home. But Se believes that it will begin to settle by increasing the attractiveness of the business centre for the people.

If the CE plan works, he will be able to demonstrate to the world that a sustainable urban center is not only possible, but it can completely change the appearance of the entire city.



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