Norwegian roof

In Norway, the country's "natural economy", the main building material has always been a tree. High thermal insulation properties of wood allowed to build good and warm home. Norwegian homes are unique, as determined by difficult weather conditions. Of particular interest in "Norwegian construction" cause the roof. Them today and see.

Like all Scandinavian countries, Norway has lived and lives in harmony with nature. Scandinavians are proud to adapt to nature rather than conquer it.

Roofs in Norway has long been covered with turf, which provides excellent protection from the cold and wind.

Among other things, the vegetation on the roofs adorned harsh Scandinavian landscape ...

Do not worry, these houses are no longer living, this museum exhibits ...

By the way, excellent masking))))

In my opinion a very nice house.

As can be seen, the roof and more modern buildings are covered with grass ...

Load a roof about 50 kg per square meter, in the rain up to 80 kg.

Hope got a glimpse of Norwegian roofs ...

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