6 most common myths and misconceptions about the human body

The human body is one of the most difficult things in the world, learning that the scientists are coming to new discoveries, refuting outdated rumors, myths and misconceptions. Almost from childhood, we hear: "Do not sit close to the TV - spoil vision", "after death hair and fingernails continue to grow" - these and many other stories, in which some people are willing to continue to believe. We decided to dispel the 6 most common myths that many misleading still.

"Sitting close to the TV screen, you can damage your eyesight»

As a child, the parents probably told you that you can not watch TV, sitting at a small distance from the screen - supposedly so can greatly damage the eyesight. However, this is not true - if there is a causal connection between the close proximity to the screen and visually impaired, it is the opposite: people forced to sit closer to the TV, for example, due to the short-sightedness. In numerous studies, experts have tried to find out what is dangerous proximity of the screen to the eyes, but no facts confirming the TV viewing damage and could not be found at a short distance. Most likely, this error appeared a few decades ago, when television sets and computer monitors used cathode ray tubes that emit electromagnetic waves, but it is worth noting, by themselves they are not able to impair vision. After long watching TV or working at a computer, you can really feel that the eyes are tired and irritated, but the reason is not in itself screens, and that vision focusing on something, you blink less often. You can even sit close to the TV - your vision is not threatened, if you often get distracted, or even better, do exercises for eyes

. "Healthy teeth should be white and shiny»

If you believe the advertising toothpaste, shine and snow-white teeth say about their perfect condition and looking to shoot in these videos of people with model looks, sparkling with their smiles, it is easy to believe. In fact, white teeth are more natural than a woman's breasts with silicone implants. The natural color of teeth - yellowish, and even if regular oral care you can not even find "Hollywood" smile, do not be upset, and try to "otdrait 'teeth to a shining white. The long and vigorous orudovanie toothbrush can damage enamel and gums, teeth increasing vulnerability. "Whitening" toothpaste properties - no more than a publicity stunt if the paste contains active substances that lighten the enamel, they thereby destroy it. To keep your teeth healthy, clean enough to them twice a day, but as mentioned above, without excessive fanaticism. Also, eat less sweets, and if you smoke, try to get rid of this bad habit - substances contained in cigarettes adversely affect oral health

. "The ability to turn off the language of a tube is determined by the genes»

Perhaps you have heard that the language of the longitudinal roll tube may be the only people whose parents also have this ability. I must say, it is quite popular misconception - some school teachers use it to explain even the children are the inheritance of genetic traits, however, there is no scientific evidence of this phenomenon, so it is a myth. Back in the 1950s, scientists have put several experiments during which it became clear that this property is not inherited. Among children 6-7 years slightly more than half (54%) could collapse tongue into a tube, and the number of children 12 years of age was already 76% - in other words, genetics has nothing to do with it, one can just learn it useless, gates in general the trick. The first false information about the genetic nature of the ability to twist the tongue tube appeared in an article published in 1940. Its author excitedly claimed to have discovered a "new special feature, is inherited." This duck began to quote in the scientific and popular publications and gradually it has become almost an axiom. If you are going to have to hear something like that, tell the person that his attention long since become obsolete.

"After the death of the individual nails and hair continue to grow for some time»

Judging by the number of relevant search queries on the Internet, many people still believe this strange myth. Of course, it is better not to try to verify the assertion in practice, day and night after night sitting in the morgue and watching corpses or say, digging up the grave - you just do not understand. It is better to take into account the arguments of scientists. hair and nail growth after cardiac arrest, as well as other physiological processes in the body, stops, since it requires nutrients, the body's supply of oxygen and blood circulation - nothing like this in the corpse does not occur. The belief that hair and fingernails continue to grow in mysterious ways, it was extremely common even during the First World War. For example, in the famous novel "All Quiet on the Western Front" is an episode in which one character says to another: "It suddenly occurs to me that these nails do not cease to grow and after Kemmer dies, they will continue to grow for a long time, long time as ghostly white mushrooms in the cellar "- thanks to the power of artistic expression Erich Maria Remarque many believed his character. It should be noted that one of the reasons for the popularity of this confusion is the fact that the human body after death, usyhaya, reduced in size, so the nails and the hair appear longer than during his lifetime.

"Flat feet can cause injury»

Severe form of flatfoot is able to deliver the young man to serve in the army - some young men for this special wear flat shoes that have a legitimate reason, is called the "hang", although in fact flat feet can hardly get by this method. Whatever it was, many believe that the guys with flat feet in the military has nothing to do - it supposedly could cause injury during training drill and combat training. In some countries during the Second World War because of flat feet have been "rejected" thousands of recruits that probably saved many of their lives. Traumatic flatfoot was refuted in a study conducted in 1989 in the United States. Researchers surveyed 300 soldiers one of the largest US military base Fort Benning and found that soldiers with flat soles are less prone to injuries than men with "normal" foot. The idea is that military service should encourage more young people with flat feet, not without it, or did not pay attention to this feature of the foot bending.

"Athletes are contraindicated intimacy before decisive matches»

This misconception is so common among athletes, some coaches forbid his players to make love in a month before important competitions. The myth about the dangers cekca for athletes entered in the cinema - so, in the film "Raging Bull" boxer-heavyweight (Robert De Niro) has to shoot ceksualnoe excitement before the fight with the help of ice water. Another famous movie boxer - Rocky, played by Sylvester Stallone, was also forced to conflict with the coach because cekca with my girlfriend. The rule of abstinence is only valid for male athletes, as it is believed that sexual akt increases testosterone levels in women, and thus increase their chances of winning. There is a contradiction - if ceks "enhances" the women, why men allegedly acting in the opposite way? The myth that ceks detrimental effect on athletic performance men were scattered back in 1995, - the staff at Yale University studied the performances of eleven athletes, and in one case, athletes avoid sexual activity before the competition, and in the other were sexually active. It turned out that ceks virtually no effect on the preparation of athletes for the match, and in some cases shown after cekca results were even better than abstaining from it.

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