Beauty at any age: How to keep your figure after 40

Every age has its problems with the figure. Picking up the load, should take into account age-related causes of excess weight.

31-41 year
On the fourth decade of life, many get better, even though they eat no more than usual. The main reason is the loss of muscle mass.


The fact that the metabolism, which consumes most of the calories eaten by us, takes place in the muscles. However, if the muscle does not loaded (and sedentary work and the same lifestyle they practically do not use), they begin to decompose.

In youth we are more active, additionally, the muscle tone maintains high hormones. After 30 years these life-saving factors, usually do not work, and the muscles gradually decompose.

According to French scientists, in the 31-41 year people annually lose approximately 1-2% of muscle mass. 1% per year means that our body needs approximately 125 calories a day less energy than in the previous year. The following year – even at 125 calories a day less... Less than a couple of slices of bread a day.

Many of us cut back their diet from year to year? It is unlikely, rather the opposite, because stress creeps up on us more frequently than in youth, but sweet and delicious – the best Comforter. Unfortunately, inevitably, deposited in the excess fat... However, even if every year we cut our diet on the very same 125 calories, it will not save our body from sagging. Because the density and elasticity of all parts of it give it muscle.

Fortunately, it's not as bad as it might seem. Well-chosen exercise perfectly retain muscle mass and not gain fat.

According to American researchers, women, fond of sports, to 40 years had 10-12% more muscle than their female counterparts. In this way, their metabolism was 15% faster. That is, they have no need to eat less, on the contrary, they can afford even an extra biscuit or waffles – it's all recycled into energy and not into fat!

What to do?

You need training, in which alternate power (high intensity) and aerobic (lung) intervals. Power intervals should last from 30 seconds to 3 minutes, aerobic – 3 times longer than the power.

For example, if you run, try 3 minutes to run as fast as you can, then 9 minute run slowly while resting.

The principle of "strained – rest" is very easy to use, engaging with weights, swimming in the pool, skiing or Cycling.

If you decide to buy a subscription to the sports complex, choose an interval or power aerobics, Latin dance, kickboxing, etc.

Is to do 4 times a week for 40-60 minutes.

41 to 51 year
At this age, the problem is the same as before – loss of muscle mass and a related set of fat.


But the workout, where the alternating strength and aerobic intervals are hard. The fact that the joints are not so supple as it used to hurt them easier and to cure a trauma more difficult.

There are also problems with bones – they lose calcium, but just perfectly done physical activity, which is never too late to introduce into its schedule.

So, recent Japanese study found that women over age 40 for 3 months of training increased the bone density back and hips at 1%. And women not taking part in the experiment for the same time lost 2-2,5% of bone mass.

So, choose workouts that will strengthen muscles and bones, but safe for the joints.

What to do?

Start with walk, Bicycle or cross-country skiing. These loads burn very many calories (from 300 to 600 kcal per hour) and thus do not give shock to the joints.

Alas, running and all types of training associated with jumping and landing (e.g., some types of dancing), it is better to minimize – namely, the moment of landing, the most destructive impact on the joints.

If the extra weight my back hurts or your knees, go to the pool, go horseback riding or yoga.

After each workout, stretch it out, it will improve blood and lymph circulation, reduce the appearance of cellulite.

You can feasibly do strength exercises: pushups, squats...

But Mahi hands and feet will not do – again they are not safe for joints.

In the sports club you can try Pilates or yoga, dances – belly dance, flamenco, tango.

The perfect schedule of classes 3-4 times a week for 60 minutes, at the end of the class take 15 minutes to strength training and stretching.

Can be divided: 2 exercise – walking, skiing, 1 workout – strength training 30 minute, one – yoga, Pilates, or simply stretching for 30-40 minutes.

If health does not allow, replace all swimming.

51-61 year
If you have not engaged in any sport, anyway, do not worry: it's not too late to start!

On the contrary, at least some of the exercises you need. Otherwise you run the risk every year to lose 80-90 g of muscles (data from the American doctors), and to gain 1-2 pounds of fat per year. And bones need to be strengthened, it is now more than a decade ago.

When choosing training important – to protect not only the vessels but also the heart. But if you train correctly – sparing, the status of the cardiovascular system, on the contrary, will improve.

What to do?

Workout remains about the same. From running, jumping, swings and bumps is better to refuse.

Instead of dumbbells purchase rubber buffers and expanders, they will provide more suitable your joints the load.

Swimming, horse riding, yoga, walking, Biking and skiing are still out of competition.

Of dancing will not hurt the Indian.

Now, however, reduce the intensity. Instead of power and speed cultivate the proper technique of movements.

Extend warm-up: now you need every time not only to warm up the muscles, but also to elaborate the joints and prepare the heart for exercise. Upon the combustion of fat is virtually no impact, but you will still lose weight, as soon as you start doing any of these exercises.

You should train 4-5 times a week for 30-40 minutes.


61 year+
The extra weight at this age usually do not care. But you still want to look good and be relatively taut! Exercises will help to make the body firmer and cellulite less noticeable.

To achieve this effect you need to remember that the main problem is the loss of water by tissues. Becomes less fluid in the joints, the risk of injuries increases.

But there are advantages, muscle mass and calcium from bones is lost not as fast as before. Left to pick up training.

What to do?

Swimming moves to the center of attention.

Very useful East gymnastics such as tai Chi and qigong. For them it is not necessary to go to expensive fitness club, the majority of experienced teachers lead the group and in cheaper places, such as in the evenings in schools, as sincerely strive to spread the sport.

It is useful to start stretching. All this improves the circulation of blood and lymph in the body.published


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