Several features that will help you identify the mentally healthy man

Who was sane and normal man? It is a simple matter for men, but for some reason it is difficult for women. After all, in addition to such obvious things in a man, as a lack of dependence on spirits and chronic infidelity, he has a healthy sense of responsibility clearly formed. He knows how to make decisions. But how to identify mentally healthy man?

There are several signs by which one can recognize the mental health of men.

Signs of a healthy male
1. subtle sense of humor. - That is not a laugh from the belly of the fact that someone has fallen or someone has ridden up skirt. A little podramaturgichnee. This is not only pleasant, but also talks about the quality of the frontal lobes of the cerebral cortex.

2. He knows how to cook. - And he has at least 2 - 3 meals, which he does brilliantly. It signals a developed sense of responsibility and maturity.

3. He has some interesting hobbies. - Employment, which he liked, but not fanatically. Also excluded computer and Gambling.

4. He does not look for blame in a critical situation. - He analyzes it and decides.

5. He connected the literary language. - Obscene language is rarely used.

6. He is not averse to eat sweet. - This means that its nerve cells are undernourished. He prefers to solve problems peacefully - without shouting and battering.

Suspicious male manners

1. Do not stand and look immediately looks away. - This is a clear sign of the aggressor.

2. Dull facial expressions or person. - Face as stark mask - he easily occur even psychosis from scratch.

3. Prior to the penny counts change. - In the store, at the gas station, the restaurant does not leave a tip, and passing tells you, how much you ate - a clear sign of greed and pathological jealousy. It's again because of organic disorders of the brain. And he certainly problems with potency.

4. Laughing, throws his head. - And widely opens his mouth: "Ha-ha-ha!" - A sign, on the one hand, jealous psychopath, and on the other - a rabid apostate.

5. gambling. - He wants the whole lot at once and spit it at all, and your judgment, too, owe him everything. Especially if, among other things, he likes to drink. All this together says a minimum of intellectual impairment and despotism.


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