Do you think your elected a psychopath? The 7 signs of mental health will help to understand men!

Mental health - a difficult thing. Much depends on the type of temperament, as well as the individual characteristics of each individual, which is why hard to describe in a single article, especially mental health. But all the same to recognize mentally healthy man? We have for you a few simple tips. It features 7 key mentally balanced man, in which you'll be able to determine with whom you're dealing with, and understand, whether your choice is adequate. Well, check out!

1. He connected it. His comments are logical and full of meaning. B>
A man should be able to communicate with people and to be able to verbally express their feelings to the woman.

Many "men" believe that swear - not ashamed. It allegedly shows their strength and independence from the standard rules, but also helps them to get rid of accumulated stress. But a real man produces aggression in the gym, so it never slips every word mat-peremat, especially in the company of women. Obscene speech he uses only in exceptional cases where, as they say, "from the song words can not erase».

2. It boasts a fine sense of humor. B>
Most women appreciate men good sense of humor. Adequate man uses only selected humor. It differs from infantile humor males who still laugh over the fact that someone has fallen or spilled the tea. He was also not funny, if a girl from wind skirt ridden. Yes, this can be a good laugh for the school desk, but a mature man mature humor. Have a good sense of humor - it's not laugh at others, it is to laugh with others. Make sure that what he was laughing - and you will understand much about him, and even his system of values.

3. He has good cooking skills. B>
Some men even more creative in the kitchen than women. Of course, not everyone is given. But normal adequate man can easily cope with a couple-three dishes that he can best prepare. This suggests that the man responsible and ready for family life. He does not wait for him to prepare the breakfast mom or wife. Sometimes he himself can treat other delicious dishes.

4. He has a hobby or favorite activity of his life, but he has, in addition, there is another life. B>
This man loves his job, but not fanatically. He is able to, when you want to forget about it and turn their attention to what is important at this moment. He was not carried away by gambling or computer games. Balanced man can play them once or twice for the sake of interest, but he understands that everything is a waste of time.

5. Sometimes he is not averse to eat something sweet. B>
Sweet, especially chocolate - a good way to relieve stress and lift the mood. He knows how to safely remove accumulated tension and adequately cope with problems and other life obstacles.

6. Female sexuality is his delight. B>
Women for such a man - is not only an object of desire and sexual satisfaction. He sees in girls more, but it did not prevent him from admiring the beauty of the female body. He likes not only thin persons, but women with a curvy hips.

7. It is inherent in self-control. B>
This person is able to analyze and usually does not act rashly. He understands that in any relationship, both parties are responsible. It is foolish and childish to throw all the accusations against the other side. It is always possible to come together to compromise and take some decision which satisfies both.

Of course, if the psychological state of man does not match any one of these items, you should not be alarmed and quickly diagnose. We are all different and each has its own individual characteristics that are not can be put in any frame. But one thing is clear, that the mentally balanced man - a psychologically mature person able to make important life decisions, who lives in harmony with yourself and others, and has a healthy, well-formed sense of responsibility. If you have helped these tips, be sure to share them with your friends.

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