10 Rules of a millionaire: where to start and what to avoid

If you want to become a millionaire, you have to follow certain precepts, said Ellie Daniel - businessman, millionaire and member of the project "Young Millionaires┬╗ Entrepreneur magazine. And he tells how it is.

People from all over the world ask me for advice on how to become a millionaire. These are people with very different experiences, different age, religion and skin color. They see the money resource that will help them to achieve their main objectives.

However, most people do not want to make a million dollars. They want to spend a million dollars. They think the money on themselves would make them happier, and do not understand that real joy and satisfaction brings himself the way towards becoming a millionaire.

I am often asked: "Would you recommend something to the person who starts their way to a million?" Yes! If you follow these 10 laws, they put you on the right road.

1. Do not work for money
If you work just for the money, the money will not work for you. Correct will work to develop their skills. Making Money - a byproduct of the development of these skills. The more professional you are, the higher you can climb the economic ladder (unless, of course, not too low ceiling in your profession).

Those who work for the sake of money, become slaves to money. Those who are working to develop their skills, and learn to control the money, because they handle money - the same skill. If you focus on developing your skills, you will be able to pay the bills. And if you focus only on how to pay the bills, you will not have time to develop the skills. Skills - the primary thing. "I'm not afraid of who worked for ten thousand hits, and one who worked one hit ten thousand times", - said Bruce Lee

. 2. Stay
pupil In my understanding, educated people - is the one who knows how to manage what he has. There are many people who have accumulated a wealth of knowledge, but can not do anything with them because they do not have obrazvaniya in this sense. Every day fill in your notebook or diary of what you have learned. I have a week to accumulate dozens of pages with notes. At the end of the week I study them and ask myself: "What did I learn this week?" I spoke at conferences about 1200 times and noticed that only three percent of people bother to record-keeping

. 3. Focus on the 3%
In the world, only 3 percent of the people who really need what you are offering. If you focus on these 3 percent, you will be able to become truly a rich man. The balance of this: if you are referring to the 100 people, 70 of them are interested in, ask questions 30, 10, want something more, but only 3% are able to really fall in love with you. This is your real fans. And your task - to serve them well

. Think of all those people who love you for who you are. These people are more than you think. 3% are willing to follow you all my life. They will promote your brand and talk about it to everyone they know. And over time, these 3 percent vyrostut to unbelievable proportions.

4. Soak the reverse link
It does not matter who gives the feedback - 3 percent of those (your true fans) and the remaining 97%. Listen to these lessons. Often, to increase and strengthen your results can be only when you absorb all the feedback. Use it to test and polish your product. This commitment to excellence and making people millionaires.

Most people are comfortable with the careless. They send emails without editing them properly, go to nezavyazannymi shoes and forget about kindness. Do not finish the case - it is the worst way to do business. But if you start to really soak up the reviews - even from their haters - you can completely rebuild its brand.

5. Log into your comfort zone
Failure - a very uncomfortable thing, but many people are tolerant to it. They agree to live in the house, which they really do not want to live, they buy cars, they do not like to drive, they agree on a salary that they really are not satisfied. It is better to strive for success: it's easy, pleasant and extremely comfortable.

Everything I do - quite comfortable. But it started when I began to inspire people for free. This is the only way to step into your comfort zone and do what you like - to do something for free. Throw to work for the money, start to develop their skills and do what you love - even if you have none of it does not pay. Soon enough you will find a way to make it. And the only way to enjoy life.

6. Be everywhere
In the new millennium we had the Internet. More specifically, social networks, which allow us to be everywhere, including in the pockets of other people (I am referring to smartphones). But you must learn to attract fans on all these platforms, properly managing your content. You can start with something more general and mass, but then to look for and identify a niche and be as specific as possible.

Spending two hours a day on social networks, the average person can draw attention of thousands of people in just a few weeks. If you want to become a millionaire, you have to find a way to attract the attention of millions of people. Today, social networks - the fastest way to convey to them the message of your

. 7. Do not put off success
We always hear people say, wait until you pay taxes. Wait until the children do not finish school. I'll wait until I was promoted to the post. There are a whole lot of excuses - and all this just because people can not overcome their fear of success. They allow you to divert themselves and destroy their plans.

But success does not tolerate, when from him distracted. For success it is necessary to grasp today. Do not wait for next week, next month, next year. Success can not wait. Millionaire knows what he wants and will do everything to achieve this, in spite of the circumstances. Eliminate obstacles and excuses and do what you should, in order to overcome their deep-seated fears.

8. Adjust your intentions
Millionaires are the only people who have the right intentions. As I have said, are aimed at making money for the sake of earning money is to bury their success. This setup often blinds people and keeps them from seeing other possibilities. If you are focused on something wrong, it will prevent you to achieve the desired success.

And other people are paying attention to your intentions. They want to know what you aspire to and what you want from them. This natural mechanism to protect them from trouble, help them to be safe. When you reach out to people, share their faith and build relations on the principle of reciprocity. When you share your goals, it makes it clear what you want to say, and because of this people can give you a helping hand.

"If you can not explain something in simple terms, it means that you know is not good enough", - said Einstein

. 9. Train
originality Many people are afraid of the competition. They know that in their area full of experts, and therefore do not particularly try. But if you look closely at these markets, where such a bunch of experts, you will see that most of them - only duplicates, which are often just copy the industry leader

. Before I started my business, I was a little doubt, that I had something to happen. After all, so many people are already doing the same thing I did! These thoughts have influenced my work and blocked my talents. In the end, I realized what my originality, and everything changed. Remember that there are no people in exactly the same like you. No one is able to do all that you can. So do not compare yourself with others.

10. make life easier for people
To become a millionaire, you need to do so that the lives of others was as light as possible. Do not complicate what you want to convey to them - shall state all the way to the people it was easy to understand. Often, if a person is something I do not understand, it just will not be the case with you. When I write my article, I want them to understand the eighth graders. I also want to reach out to millions of people who do not normally read such articles. A few months ago, a woman who usually reads only news on Yahoo, found my texts and I could not tear myself away from them. In just a few days she had read more than a hundred of my advice, then quit her job. Today she has her own business. That's what happens when facilitates people's lives.

If you regularly apply these rules, you'll get results. But you need to believe in myself - and go for the necessary risk.


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