18 the real facts that at first glance seem a lie

Being a scientist is fun: every day carry new, sometimes crazy experiments. For example, to count how many ants are on earth, asking a Dolphin to speak by phone or to see butterflies during the earthquake.

The website knows that these experiments confirm the most incredible facts and chose the best of them.

Oxford University older than the Aztec Empire

Teaching in Oxford started in 1096, the year of Foundation of the Aztec city-state Tenochtitlan — 1325. This means that Oxford for 200 years more.

Sources: @ smithsonianmag, introduction and history, aztecs

Giving each other the oath of allegiance or promise, it is necessary to mate the little finger. The gesture means that violate the promise must cut off this finger

This gesture came from Japan. Giving each other the promise, children of interlock little fingers and say the following phrase: "I promise on my little finger, if you lie, swallow a thousand of needles, I swear".

In fact, even in the Edo period (1603-1868) from bandit clans, it was decided to prove his loyalty by cutting off his little finger on his right hand. And later, in our time, the children turned it into a game.

On Jupiter and Saturn it rains diamonds

These two gas giants you can see the real night sky. According to scientists, the pressure inside the giant planets could turn carbon into diamond.

First, the lightning turns methane into carbon during the fall and hardens in 1 600 km becomes blocks of graphite (the one that we have in pencils), and after 6,000 km, these chunks become diamonds.

Sources: bbc, extremetech

For every person on earth accounts for more than 1.6 million ants

According to the estimates of myrmecoleon peace on earth today live from 1 to 10 quadrillion ants. Every living person has more than 1 million of these creatures, and their total mass is approximately equal to the total mass of all people.

Worldwide more artificial Flamingo than real

Flamingo is a rare bird. And so beautiful that people want to see her in the backyard or on the lawn of a country house. Because on earth several times more artificial Flamingo than alive. Of living individuals, there are 2-3 million, and the plastic twins — almost 1 billion.

Strawberry is not a berry

The fact that the "berry" of a strawberry is not a fruit. It's just the expanded receptacle, on which surface are the true fruits of the strawberry — these little green dots. You will probably need time to get used to it.

But the banana — berry

The world is once again turned upside down. The banana plant is, in fact, a giant grass, and bananas are its berries. By definition, a berry is "a soft, juicy fruit containing several seeds." And this is a banana.

Pyrosoma — hollow-transparent 30-foot worm living in the ocean

This creature is called a sea unicorn. So rare they'd only seen them a few times. Pyrosoma like a transparent giant hollow worm, which consists of many other organisms that glow in the dark and producing carbon copies of themselves. It is believed that they can grow to the size of a whale.

Mithridates VI was unable to poison, because he had immunity to the poison

Mithridates VI (king of Pontus) from childhood he took small doses of a mixture of poisonous plants to develop immunity to them. During the uprising the Romans wanted to take him prisoner, so Mithridates tried to poison himself, but unsuccessfully. He was immune to most known poisons. What irony!

If we lived in total darkness, I could stay awake for 36 hours, and to sleep, it would take 12 hours

How many hours will last a day from a person who lives "outside of time", that is, having no way to determine the time of day by their appearance?

From 1964 to 1972, the French speleologist Michel Sifr conducted several experiments including on himself. He placed himself in a specially equipped bunker, where there was no sunlight, constant temperature, humidity and complete silence. He held in such conditions for several months.

The results of the experiment showed that his biological clock has changed 36 hours he needed to Wake up and 12 — to sleep. Later the same experiments were carried out in the cave to the other participants. The results were the same.

Sources: cabinetmagazine, chronos.msu

Foot length is the same as the length of the forearm. The thumb is the same length as the nose. And the length of the lip is the same as the index finger

You just checked it, right? This is the standard and the correct proportions of the human body, which are guided by artists in creating paintings with the image of a man. These proportions determined by Leonardo Da Vinci in the famous drawing "Vitruvian man".

The spacesuit Neil Armstrong was stitched in a factory for the manufacture of bras

Few people know, but the suit of the first man on the moon was sewn at the factory for the production of bras and underwear located in Dover (Delaware, USA). I hope it was convenient.

Gadget is one of the first three atomic bombs

In the framework of the American Manhattan project in 1943 was created by 3 of the atomic bomb: plutonium "Thing" (Gadget) (exploded the first nuclear test), the uranium "Little" (Little Boy) (Hiroshima-6 Aug 1945) and plutonium "Fat man" (Fat Man) (dropped on Nagasaki 9 August 1945).

Ann Hodges — the only person who survived the hit of a meteorite

American Ann Elizabeth Hodges became the first woman on the planet, which was the subject of extraterrestrial origin (30 November 1954 near the city Sulakova, Alabama, USA). A fragment the size of a grapefruit crashed through the roof of a frame house, bounced off a ricochet from the body of the radio, and hit Ann while she was Napping on the couch. Shortly after this incident, Ann Hodges became a real celebrity.

Koala is the only animal that has a unique fingerprint, like a man

Professor Maciej Henneberg (Maciej Henneberg) working in the Adelaide University proved that the difference between the fingerprints of humans and koalas at all. Even scanning electron microscope can not find differences. It turns out the Koala is the only animal besides people that have individual fingerprints.

The area of Russia is bigger than Pluto

Russia area — 17 098 246 sq km and Pluto is 16 650 000 sq km. There is also a suspicion that Pluto has about the same infrastructure as Russia.

Sources: gks, russianembassy, universetoday

The first thing that makes every monkey who finds themselves in the mirror, it checks the groin

Shanghai neuroscientists conducted an experiment. They planted dozens of primates in front of a mirror and watched how the monkey reacts to "double". This happened not immediately, but when monkey realized that in the mirror of their reflection, the first thing they did was checking the area between her legs.

Dolphins can talk on the phone and find out someone say

Each Dolphin has a personal "signal-name", which appears in adolescence and persists for life. It is known that dolphins clearly distinguish the signals of their relatives from the other. They are able to get to know each other through the perception of brief tones. People also get to know their relatives and friends when talking on the phone by voice. So if dolphins talked on the phone, they would know each other.

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