9 things we didn't know a year ago

Every day mankind finds thousands of amazing new facts. The website selected for you are the brightest, which became known last year.

There is a misty rainbow

Misty rainbow is very rare to see it happened only a few lucky. It appears when sunlight light fog and looks like a white arc. In 2016, this rainbow was recorded at least 2 times: in Scotland and the USA.

Dinosaurs had feathers

At least some. That now have the visual proof: last year was discovered a piece of amber, which preserved tail of a dinosaur covered with feathers.

Australia each year is shifted 7 cm to the North

All the continents are shifting in space, but Australia is moving the fastest. For 22 years the continent has become closer to Asia, 1.5 meters, that is, every year it shifts by 7 cm. the Government has already announced the official change of coordinates of the state.

In San Francisco operates a pig

Spotted pig Lila was adopted into service from December 2016, when he joined the "Night team" of the airport. Her duties is to calm the passengers. Leela, perhaps, the most stylish pig in the world: her uniform consists of a pink skirt, hat and waistcoat, besides, pigs have a private instagram.

In the Solar system, perhaps again 9 planets

In January 2016, scientists announced that beyond Pluto there may be another planet. The probability of its existence — approximately 90 %. The name of this hypothetical planet has not yet been given until it is known simply as "the Ninth planet".

Continents actually 8

Scientists say they have discovered a new continent — Zealand. He's always been here, but hiding under the ocean. Approximately 94% of the continent disappears under the water, and the ground part are including New Zealand and New Caledonia.

Fish can move on land...

In Northern Thailand discovered a fish that can walk on land using their fins. "Cave angel" is able to move on vertical surfaces and easy to climb on the rocks. This fish is able to breathe air.

... And to get to know people in the face

Australian scientists conducted an experiment during which found that fish the Archer fish brings them unable to distinguish between human faces. Subjects had to respond to certain pictures for which he received a portion of food. Test fish quite manage.

Doves distinguish human speech

Another experiment conducted on pigeons to find out the worth of their bird brains. It turned out that a lot of birds with high enough precision can distinguish real words from nonsense.

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