10 the best recent documentaries about the filmmakers

We offer you a list of the best documentaries about film Directors, published in the last five years.

10. Arirang (2011) Kim Ki-Duk

The only autobiographical film on the list.

Kim Kidok fell into a serious creative crisis, after the filming of his movie nearly killed the actress. Because of the internal contradictions of the film Director a few years could not be removed, and "Arirang" was an attempt of reconciliation with art. The process of filming was as painful and cruel for him, as his films.

"Arirang" is too personal and specific for most of the audience was not well received. Hardly a pleasure to watch as Kim Kidok shouts in front of the camera so that we begin to doubt his mental abilities. The meaning of this was unclear, but the Director never seems to be interested in how to build narrative. Instead, he took kinodnevnik, frightening and difficult to understand, but at the same time, which is one of the most original and interesting things over the past few years.


9. "Roman Polanski: Kinokamera" (2011) Laurent Botero

"Kinokamera" built as a long conversation between two old friends — Roman Polanski and his longtime colleague Laurent Botero. This conversation occurs in one of the tumultuous moments of the life of the Director when he was in his residence in Switzerland, waiting for the court decision. The author of the film uses home Polanski's arrest as an excuse to turn the story of his life in kinometry.

Polanski makes a great excursion into the darkest episodes of his life: childhood in Nazi-occupied Poland and the murder of his wife Sharon Tate. And although these facts are well known (childhood memories is strongly influenced by "the Pianist", and the case of the murder of Sharon Tate was widely covered by the press), we first hear from the lips of the Director himself as it was. Obviously, these moments had a profound impact on him and his movies.


8. "Magician: the Astonishing life and work of Orson Welles" (2014) Chuck RA workman

Chuck RA workman wells shows a man obsessed with his work, who believed that creating any work of art requires time and resources. The film follows the traditional chronological order and tells the biography of the Director focusing on his movies.

In the film five parts, covering different periods of the life of wells, and the author shows how the paintings of the Director relate to modern films about him. From "the Simpsons" to "me and Orson Welles" Richard Linklater — RA workman has done a great job compiling footage to show how much wellsource impact on popular culture.

The film also shows how the wells worked outside the Studio system and without the standard Hollywood budgets. RA workman calls its first independent Director, as he is one of the few who in those days did ambitious films without financial support.


7. "The World Of Corman" (2011) Alex Stapleton

Korman can be considered the first true active independent film Director and inspiration for the new direction. Coppola, Scorsese and Nicholson are indebted to him for his first steps in cinema. Even if for the most part kormakovskogo creativity is not customary to commend, it is impossible not to respect this man after the documentary by Alex Stapleton.


6. "Altman" (2014) Ron Mann

In the documentary included several interviews of Altman, in which he tells his life and relationship with cinema, as well as an interview with the permanent members of his crew and wife. The film covers the story of the creation of his most important paintings, including the successful "mash" (1970) and the failure of the "Popeye" (1980), and the personal life of the filmmaker cannot be separated from his creative.


5. ""Dune," Jodorowsky's" (2013) By Frank Pavich

Like "Smile" by Brian Wilson and "the Castle" Kafka unfinished "dune" Jodorowsky's has become one of the most mysterious works of art.

It was a very ambitious project, cast which included Orson Welles, Salvador Dali, Pink Floyd and David Carradine. Jodlowski planned every detail of the film and wanted to become a kind of transcendent experience that will change the minds of the viewers. We will never know, could he realize such a daring concept, but ""dune," Jodorowsky's" at least shows that he tried and tried with all his strength.


4. "Hitchcock / Truffaut" (2015) Kent Jones

The book is one of the most important in the history of cinema, the film became an occasion to bring together different world Directors talking about the film brave. Martin Scorsese, Richard Linklater, Olivier Assayas, Kiyoshi Kurosawa described as strongly influenced by Hitchcock on their understanding of cinerella.


3. "Woody Allen" (2012) Robert B. Weide

In this film woody Allen for the first time let the audience into his personal life and creative process, we find out previously unknown information, including about his childhood and the stand-up show, and his life as a writer and musician in jazz ensembles.


2. "It's a strange name Federico!" (2013) Ettore Scola

A gentle tribute Chipped his longtime friend Federico Fellini is hardly a documentary. He was not a fiction, and not true. But is it possible to talk coherently about someone like Fellini? Scola tells about Fellini as he was known to his loved ones: how about the greatest liar of all time.


1. "The Kingdom of dreams and madness" (2013) Mami Sunada

Due to the different feature and documentary films, the secrets of filmmaking don't seem to the audience something completely incomprehensible. But the animation remains a mysterious art to those who never worked with animated films. Excellent documentary film Mami of Sunady provides an opportunity to consider the work of the Studio Ghibli.


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Sunada not telling in chronological order about the life of Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata, but instead a whole month watching the work of the Studio, making an exciting journey for her. Huge difference between scrupulous and careless Miyazaki, Takahata is developing a project shows us that this art form are two possible approaches.published



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