Intelligence Raven struck scientists

As a result of numerous studies and experiments, scientists have come to a sensational conclusion - many animals are no less intelligent than people! They are able to solve logic puzzles and find his way home. They tend to take care of their offspring, bored and even sad.

Some of the most intelligent creatures - crows. The size of the brain has the same proportion as chimpanzee brains. These representatives of the smartest birds perfectly adapted to the human environment.

In humans a long and varied history of communication with crow brotherhood: they have symbols of death, the creators of the earth; we consider them good-naturedly Razin, who lose the cheese, the suspect in them uncommon intelligence. Meanwhile, the question of crow intelligence has long been scientists minds. And the results of their experiments really feel uneasy.

Crow language

Croak not just noise - a conversation. And the conversation is far from primitive. Scientists can not yet say for sure whether the crows that we call language. But the same scientists acknowledge that the crows have something like regional dialects. Without language, which can be dialects?

Crows remember everything

One crow was chosen by the town of Chatham in Ontario (province in Canada) as a stopping place during the flight. The place turned out occupied by hundreds of thousands of birds. And since this predominantly agricultural area and the crows have a habit of spoiling the crops, the conflict was inevitable. Desperate Mayor declared war against the birds present. To fight the enemy feathered rose entire city. But, as we already know, the news spread quickly among crows. On the first day after the declaration of war was shot a crow.

And, quite possibly, it was not even a crow ...

The rest took off and, after this incident, overflew the Chatham side. More in the town, no crow is not affected.

Thus ended the story of how he tried to destroy the whole city a flock of crows. And this story is not unique - there are cases where the crows changed the entire migration routes to avoid flying through the farm where killed at least one crow. Generation after generation, they remember even individual houses, near which killed at least one miserable bird. Of course, they still only fly around the side of the house. But how do you like the idea that at this very moment, millions of crows keep in mind is your address?

They know how to use tools and solve puzzles

One of the first tests that scientists conducted a study for the crows acumen, was as follows: a piece of meat tied to a rope, and the rope - to the stick. All crows involved in the experiment, sat side by side on a stick, seized the rope legs, and began to pull it up together until they got to the meat. We know a lot of people who probably would have filled up the test.

In Aesop's fable it has called "The Crow and the pitcher." It describes a situation: a crow can not get to the bottom of the jug of water to drink. A little thought, she starts to throw stones into the pitcher. Water rises crow quenches thirst. Hardly Aesop drew material for his scientific works from reliable sources, but for science, this fable proved invaluable material. I was recently conducted a test that showed that the famous fabulist not sinned against the truth. Raven was placed in a room where there was a small pile of pebbles, a long narrow vessel with water in which floated a delicious worms. And because real science is alien to philanthropy, the researchers made sure that access to the worms was as difficult.

The experiment was repeated four times with four different crows. Two birds found a solution at the second attempt, the other two managed to get a treat the first time. And that's what is really striking: the crows are not just found a solution by trial and error; They threw stones just before the time when the water rose high enough to get the worms. And yet - they tried to pick up the stones more, realizing that they displace more water.


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