This brave crow managed to ride the Eagle! That's really really fly a couple.

An unusual case of California photographer managed to capture Fu Chan. He managed to catch his lens rather strange scene in which a raven riding on the back of soaring bald eagles! The latter clearly shows no disturbances quietly continuing to carry on themselves uninvited guest. That's really really fly a couple!

Fu Chang devotes a lot of time photographing birds. So this time he went to the photo hunting to supplement their collection of ornithological images. At first his attention the majestic bald eagle, the symbol of the United States, which floated gracefully in the sky. Suddenly it began to rapidly approach the raven.

«At first I thought that wants to get rid of crows eagle i>, - says Fu Chang. - In fact, oddly enough, the crows - a very brave bird, and to defend their territory, may attack the much larger representatives of the feathered world. But this time, Raven decided just to relax a bit on the back of the mighty eagle ». I>

According to Chan Fu, the raven for a few seconds to ride on eagles and then the bird flew off in different directions, parted as friends.

The Eagle, Eagle! I - Raven! I request permission to dock! B>

Warning! Crucial moment ...

And it is a success!

Here are some fun and incredible events taking place around us! One can only admire the courage and resourcefulness of the raven, and the patience and forbearance of an eagle. Be sure to share this amazing story with your friends, they will be thrilled by it!


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