Journey through five continents

In South Africa, there was a case, as a simple dog became famous.
This dog, nicknamed Oscar, sheltered lady with Cape Town before he was to get into the local animal shelter.
And since 2009, Oscar began to travel with the hostess.
He has already visited 32 countries, managed to walk the Great Wall and a helicopter to fly over the Grand Canyon.

Oscar was homeless and lived in a dog kennel for stray dogs in Cape Town, South Africa.

At the Cologne Cathedral in Germany:

Life of Oscar was boring and monotonous. But once he got lucky.

Dog-traveler on the Hollywood Walk of Fame:

Kennel for stray dogs visited journalist Joanne Lefson and took him home.

In May 2009, the hostess decided to go on a trip around the world, and not one, but with his beloved dog. So there was a famous dog-traveler. One of the goals was an extraordinary journey to inspire people to protect homeless animals. Incidentally, according to various estimates, about half the dogs in the world are homeless.

In San Francisco:

On this journey Joanne Lefson spent 400 thousand dollars. To do this, she had to sell her house.

Oscar in Asia:

Dog-traveler Oscar flew in helicopters and balloons, stood on the cliffs of the Grand Canyon, resting at the Eiffel Tower and walking through the Great Wall of China. All dog visited 32 countries and became very famous.

Dog in Machu Picchu, Peru:


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