Fun fact of the day: women relate to each other like monkeys

US researchers found that female chimpanzees to communicate with each other are more likely to show aggression than with respect to the male.
Women are aggressive towards each other.
The study led student at the University of Minnesota, Nicole Scott.

According to Scott, the results of such an analysis of gestures that chimpanzees used in daily interactions.

The researchers studied a group of 17 female and five male chimps living in the city of Chester Zoo (UK). It turned out that males and females within the group of the same "repertoire" gestures and poses, which they use when communicating to express the spectrum of emotions from hostility to tenderness. However, the individual communication female "chosen expression" depending on the sex of their interlocutor.

It turned out that almost all the "positive" gestures and intonation addressed female to male, and only occasionally - «girlfriends».

"When observing the movements of the limbs and postures that chimpanzees make when communicating with each other, it seems that the female" suck up "to males," - said Scott.


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