The letter itself in 16 years

If these messages were to the recipients, the world today would drugim.Esli you could write yourself in 16 years, what would you say? This question was asked 75 celebrities: writers, actors, musicians and athletes. From their responses I was born the book "Dear Me: A Letter to sixteen itself» (Dear Me: A Letter to My Sixteen-Year-Old Self) - a collection of letters in the past. On its pages famous people appear normal sixteen year old boys and girls, often complexed not confident. Seniors 'I' trying to give yourself Jr. witty, intimate, wise advice about how should behave in life, what to expect and what to avoid. The result was a book is not about celebrity, but about youth, growing up, waiting for a miracle.

This idea was so exciting that people from around the world began to write letters to himself. The official website of the book is already number in the thousands. Probably each of us has something to say to yourself-sixteen.

Website selected some inspiring messages of celebrities. Of course, they can not change the past, but to change the future of many people - easily.

Writing by Stephen King: em>

Dear me,
I am writing to you from 2010, when I passed already over 62, to give only one piece of advice. However, only 4 words: stay away from drugs.
You're very talented and you can bring happiness to many stories, but - unfortunately, this is so - and you're still a potential addict. If you do not pay attention to this letter and do not change your future, at least 10 years of your life - 30 to 40 - find yourself in a kind of eclipse and disappoint many people can not enjoy their own successes. You also will be several times the balance of the death. Do yourself a favor and try to live in a brighter world. Remember that resistance to temptation, as love makes your heart stronger.
Stay clean.

Writing Hugh Jackman: em>

Dear Hugh,
I just wanted to write you a note to tell you (although I already know) and say, "Yes!" The time will come when you will forget how Penny left you at the bus stop. In fact, you met her a couple of years and wonder how could cry every time listening to a song Lionel Richie «Penny Lover».
Yes, and these pimples on your forehead will soon disappear, but not as quickly as you hope. And yes, you move into a large room where your brother Ralf will leave the house.
Now I would like to tell you about something that will help you in the future. I do not want spoilers, so some tips may seem vague to you.
Everything will happen is not as you imagine. I know now you find it difficult even to imagine how your life would look like, and it's driving you crazy. But believe me, the reality will exceed even the most courageous your expectations.
You will meet an amazing woman, and the easiest step in your life will make her an offer. Just listen to yourself.
Now take a sheet of paper and start writing a list of 5 things that you love to do and five things that you're good at. These will vary, but one day they will coincide. This will be your way. But even then, do not stop to write the list to be sure that you are not gone astray.
You always have to be strict to yourself, push yourself. Be careful with this.
You will be very happy in your life, please do not forget where it comes from this happiness.
I love you.

P.S. Buy shares of Google, as soon as his invented!

Letter to Emma Thompson em>:

Dear Em,
I understand that you are young, in love and think that no adult can not say anything adequate, but since I'm - it's you, we, I think, is to listen to me.
2 main points of the 50 16:
1. Never, ever, never sit on a diet. I know how awful it is, standing in the cafe, choose between yogurt and breath of fresh air (when in fact it would be desirable chips and cheese salad). Do not worry about it. Eat regularly, avoid unnecessary emotions and do not sit on a diet. You are in any case remain the same size, so throw it girl, throw it right now. Trust me - nobody cares. Just be yourself and live with it, you can save a lot of time and energy and be much happier.
2. When he says he does not like you, believe him. He does not like.
That's all. The rest of the errors committed by you, I appreciate its weight in gold.

I Love - Em.

Letter Gillian Anderson: em>

Dear Jilly,
You are totally and completely dependent on my own. If you're going to spend a quarter of their time thinking about others instead of hating her hips, your level of satisfaction and self-worth will increase dramatically. One thing I realized too late: you can increase your self-esteem, just doing worthy things. So I wrote you to build houses for the homeless at your next summer vacation. Christmas you spend helping at a shelter for women victims of domestic violence, and at Easter you read the books kids in the pediatric onkobolnitsy.
And yes, my dear, to expand your horizons, your world is more than an oyster shell, which pushes your low self-esteem. Love yourself, think of others and be grateful. I love you, believe in you, I respect you.
I you. We.
P.S. Follow your dreams, not their boyfriends.

Letter to Alice Cooper: em>

Mean Girls delicious only for five minutes ... Take a look at how some of the girls look good in the church. Then you get the best of both worlds.
P.S. «The Yardbirds» COX.

P.P.S. I think it will go with coffee, name it something with the word Star.

What do you imagine would have written sixteen?

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