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34 experience, who did not show at school urokah.Eksperimenty - it's cool. We are still in school dreaming hurry to get to a lesson of physics and chemistry, to see how the teacher will blow the reagents with purple smoke on the entire class.

But in fact, science is really entertaining. For example, you instantly turn "water" in a jar in a transparent black or mug "pour" air into the box from the sulfur hexafluoride. That is, do magic in front of shocked spectators.

Website is scientific experiments, after watching that you immediately want to repeat them. But be warned: it can be dangerous.

Iron reacts with copper sulfate

The reaction of iodine hours

The foam was immersed in acetone

Hydrogen peroxide and potassium iodide

Magnetic Putty swallows metallic cube

Magnetic particles in a bottle of water

Hinges plasma flare from the sun, is four times the size of Earth

Supercooled water

Rainbow at the waterfall

Corn grain bursting in slow motion

The ball of mercury in the context

The formation of snowflakes

Luminol reacts with oxygen

Magnetic fluid forms a tree

One octopus mimics another

Fire lithium

The fall of the magnet through a copper tube

Carnation, frozen with liquid nitrogen

Burst ball with mercury

The annual cycle of ice and changing vegetation on Earth

Crystallization of sodium

Inflammation extinct candles

Sulphur hexafluoride is heavier than air

Reaction of p-nitroaniline on the addition of concentrated sulfuric acid

Liquid nitrogen and ping pong balls = endless fun

Tracking the movements of jellyfish in the green dye

Spoon gallium in hot water

An explosion of fireworks

Ignition of flammable liquid in the bottle

Heating thiocyanate mercury

Explosion seed pod

Sodium polyacrylate and water = artificial snow

Liquid nitrogen and water

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