The correct answer is not always one

Watch for them. Look around you and find four items that have something "red". do not be lazy to do this simple exercise.

By setting your brain on "red", you soon discover that the red just creeps you in the eye: red phone book, the red parts of the Wallpaper pattern etc. Please note that as soon as you learn a new word, as I hear it at least eight times in the next three days. This happens because people always find what your looking for.

If you want to find perfect — to find perfect. If you're looking for a conspiracy — certainly detects it. It's all about the mental setup of the channels of perception.

Where did you learn to tune your channels? Especially in kindergarten, school and other institutions of formal education. That's where you learned what you should pay attention to, and what not. There you will learn which questions you need to ask to sorientiruetes in the environment, which ideas should be given attention.

Our education system is focused mainly to teach us to find "the right answer". But life by its nature is multi-valued, the correct answer is always a lot: it all depends on what you are looking for. But if you are looking for one correct answer, you will stop looking as soon as you find him.

When the end of high school, we remained little more than a year, the English teacher drew on the blackboard with chalk stain.

Then she asked the class what it is. Several seconds passed, and someone said, "chalk spot on the Board." The rest of the class breathed a sigh of relief: the obvious fact is established and confirmed, more to say, no one could.

"You make me very surprised, asked the teacher to the class. Yesterday the same exercise I did with the children in the kindergarten, and they were povidomyly fifty different answers: the eyes of an owl, the star, the cobbles, the end of a Telegraph pole, a squashed bug, and more. Their imagination really was "high voltage".

In the ten years between kindergarten and senior high school classes, we not only learn to look for the right answers, but also completely lost the ability to dream.

Here's another story about the teacher who invited the first graders assignment raskruchivanie:

The statement read: "On a piece of paper you have to find a house, trees, flowers and clouds. Paint everything, please, in the desired color.“

One of the students put in the picture a lot of strength. But when the work was checked, she was shocked to see that her work is cross crossed with a black pencil. The girl asked the teacher to explain what it is.


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"I crossed your job, because you have not completed the task. Grass should be green, not gray, the sky is blue and not yellow like yours. Why couldn't you use normal paint?"

The girl said, "Because it all was when I got up early in the morning and met the sunrise."

The teacher believed that there is one correct answer... published


by Roger van Oih




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