You anesthesia used to do?

It happened in a small hospital. Characters: a surgeon, an anesthetist and a kid. I must say that kid someone had beaten and cut, but he was fully conscious and sober mind. So the kid to do emergency surgery with anesthesia. Surgeon and anesthetist must decide under local or general anesthesia to carry out the operation. Time to determine adverse reaction to anesthesia body kid there, so decided to ask the operated at the expense of the reaction. Upon entering the room, the surgeon asked the kid, as if in passing:
 - You used to do anesthesia?
Kid's eyes widened, they expressed complete bewilderment at such a difficult question he could not answer. Naturally, the surgeon suspected that the kid does not understand what it was about and asked a leading question:
 - You used to do the operation?
For a kid it was understandable. He was able to accurately and without hesitation to say no.
 - And before tearing teeth?
It is also understandable question, kid again said no. Then the surgeon, not a word more left. After a while imported kid on the gurney to the operating room. Buddy is fully come to terms with the fact that he will do the operation, even with an incomprehensible word anesthesia, but he was interested in another little question he dared to ask:
 - Doctor, what do you and the teeth are pulled WILL?
PS And his teeth on the day of surgery and has not pulled out, although there was a great temptation, but evidently was not leisure.


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