Facts about the anesthesia,about which you did not know

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Among comedians it is widely believed that anaesthesia is a magic tool, because with its help a doctor during surgery doesn't tips the patient. This article presents you the most interesting facts about anesthesia.

— Leave the jokes aside. Anesthesia is a General anesthetic. He cites a patient in the so-called state of artificial sleep, the patient's consciousness is lost either partially or completely. The person under anaesthetic does not feel absolutely no pain. What is the anesthesia, everyone knows. Translated from the Greek word narcosis translates as "numbness" or "stupor". As many people know, anesthesia is not the same thing and anesthesia. The Greek translation of the anaesthesia is "insensitivity". You know the difference a: anesthesia differs from anesthesia only anesthesia, but also the disconnection of human consciousness.

When they searched the sunken ship called the "Mary Rose" 1545, there were found some interesting things. Cabin one English doctor was filled with different flasks, pots and bottles. The contents were various drugs. Among other things, were found a small hammer made of wood. As it turned out, he served his glad General anesthesia. With its help, man was deprived of consciousness.

— Before such a brutal anesthesia, in order to deprive a person of consciousness, used various infusions of herbs carotid. For this purpose used herbs such as opium poppy, Hemlock, hemp, and production management. Not infrequently this collection of herbs used in another way: he insisted, and they soaked a sponge that's been set on fire. Pairs well sedated patient. However, the doctor also yielded to their influence.

Mankind has replaced the brutal hammer at chemistry. Began to invent different substances which could easily disable a person's consciousness for some time. It was a great invention because with it, the doctors could perform surgeries, during which the patients have not experienced the agony. This remedy began to use from dental master.

— The first operation tooth extraction with anesthesia was performed on 11 December 1844. Interestingly, this was done completely unintentionally. In a town called Hartford, Connecticut, a Horace, a dentist, got on a demonstration of the action of nitrous oxide. The head of the demonstration was Gardner Colton, lecturer. This event left so many impressions at the dentist that next day he came to the hotel where we stayed in Gardner and have proposed using the gas to pull out a tooth one patient. Since no one else dared, Guinea had become to the doctor. The operation was a success, with the result that a dentist was denied a perfectly healthy tooth.

Of course, there are negative sides to it. The fact that in those days people did not know that nitrous oxide just need to be mixed with oxygen for safety, as the use of oxygen could have ended very tragically.

William Morton, surgeon and dentist, a resident of Boston, discovered the secret of painless operations. Before you begin the following the doctor gave his patients to breathe the air. The first demonstration of the use of ether took place on October 16, 1846. The audience was ecstatic. Colleagues, it was decided to use the ether in their daily practice.

— After this event has not passed and 10 years as a surgeon N.And.Pirogov, Russian, first used anesthesia. It happened in a brutal field conditions, during the deposition of Sevastopol the British and the French.

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