NASA plans to send to the Titan quadcopter

For a long time the us space Agency NASA plans to begin the study of Titan – Saturn's moon, where presumably there may have been life.

However, the model solution was too expensive to send and trade, or not compact enough, because to date they are not able to cope before the task. Alternatively, the scientific staff of NASA decided to use a quadcopter weighing ten pounds, which by means of wireless communication is connected with the cosmic mother ship.

As a platform for launching new developments, the scientists chose a balloon to be released into the atmosphere of the satellite. From time to time, the quadcopter will return to data transfer and recharging to the media. According to preliminary estimates, the duration of the mission is limited solely to the possibility of running the ball to charge the quadcopter.

The Agency NASA say — "Our mission is based on the generation of new knowledge in the field of miniaturization of sensors, navigation systems and devices for sampling. The new development is a strong evolutionary breakthrough in several directions, in contrast to previously proposed concepts."

In addition it should be noted that the new devices are light in weight, they are easy and safe to control, moreover they require a minimum amount of supply, which in turn made them the best devices for shipment to Titan. At the moment NASA is closely involved in the preparation of the mission. In fact, this idea is able to accomplish a revolution, as previously this was possible only in a science fiction movie.



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