Titanium drinking straw for $ 900

One blogger told the fascinating story of the origin of titanium and where it is used.
But this information in order to understand whether the titanium straw costs $ 900.

I live in Russia - I difficult than a surprise. Recently I came across news of a series of "their morals". In the US there is a singer Beyonce, like it absolutely everything: this year even sang the national anthem at the inauguration of Barack Obama. Soul diva goes on a world tour with an impressive rider. For example, the toilet paper in the restroom Beyonce should be extremely red. In the dressing room one must have alkaline water and titanium (!) For drinking straws cost $ 900 each. What confused me the news?

Titanium straw can cost $ 900! Or still can? However, titanium metal at all mysterious: start with the fact that he was a priest opened. English pastor William Gregor in his spare time was fond of chemistry. Once he became interested in black sand deposits which were close to the parish. After manipulation of the sulfuric acid has allocated Gregor sand oxide of an unknown metal. In parallel with the pastor in 1795 by the German chemist Martin Heinrich Klaproth isolated from the mineral rutile metal which called titanium.

Mineral consists of Rutile titanium and oxygen

See, titanium was discovered almost simultaneously by two different people, living far away from each other. This is a fairly common case for the great inventions: to take even a light bulb or radio. It seems no one doubts that the metal was named after the Titans of Greek mythology characters. However, there is another version: German Klaproth gave the name of his discovery through Titania - the queen of the fairies in Germanic mythology. This is due to the ease of metal. In any case, it is comparable in strength with the best brands of steel, but it is easier to nearly double.

Bar crystalline titanium

Production of titanium metal on an industrial scale began only after the Second World War. In the early XX century, titanium oxide was used as a white paint. During the First World with the help of metal create smokescreens. Now titanium is used almost everywhere: in the aviation and rocket (sheathing, fuselage, engines), Navy (submarines diesel engines), artillery (mortar base plates). In the textile industry, titanium is an excellent bleach fabrics. Remember "Liquid Robot" from "Terminator 2", where the bullet holes were pulled together? Titanium alloy with nickel is interesting because it has a "memory". After deformation the heated titanium returns to its original shape. This amazing property has been used in medicine. From NiTi make, for example, special rehabilitation gloves intended for reactivation muscles with functional impairment. Metal with "shape memory" helps and surgery to remove the bumps on the toe: the defect is corrected metal bracket.

Hollywood directors in their own understanding "shape memory»


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