The rules of positive thinking

What's the power of positive thinking? Is it possible, just thinking about the good, to change your life? Try to understand.

If you wait for good events, they will happen. So, in any case, I think people who think positively. To briefly explain the essence of positive thinking, it boils down to this:

  • How the sum of our life, good or bad – depends on us.
  • If you believe in your talents and abilities, their power is magnified and manifested.
  • The conviction that the world is benevolent, and assists in achieving success.
  • Any event, even at first glance, the negative can be used to advantage.
Sound of these rules, of course, beautiful. But if a little understanding, then what happens? If your child misbehaves, it is good? If you are offended by the husband, it will somehow help the fortress of your family? If you have no money, it is enough to believe that the sky will fall a Golden rain, and you'll be rich?!

Of course, all is not so simple. Positive thinking is not just the recitation of affirmations. It does not call close eye on all the negativity that surrounds you. Agree: if you climb into the house of the thief, it is foolish to hope that after soul-saving conversation with you, he will change and return the loot. It is necessary to call the police!

Big mistake those who are planning to learn how to think positively – it attempts to rid himself of his fears and complexes, saying that if you do not notice them, they will dissolve by themselves. The essence of positive thinking, rather, is to understand them and work with them. But about all under the order.

The rules of positive thinking

— Look for negative attitudes. It may well be that incorrect installation prevented you to achieve success. Are you trying to build a harmonious relationship, but "All men are liars" does not allow you to believe the partner to the end. You aspire to financial prosperity, but "ashamed to Be rich" does not do that. How to find your own negative attitudes? Analyze, in what area of life do you have most problems: certainly they happen through the fault of the negative attitudes.

Don't hide from the negative. There is nothing more harmful than to ignore their negative experiences. But giving into them is not worth it. They need to study and try to neutralize. At least be aware of. Experiencing irritation or anger, say to herself: "I'm annoyed. Why? I was unsettled? What can I do to get rid of this feeling?"

— Look for opportunities. It is impossible to live, never making mistakes and not having any problems. Take it as a given: as long as you live, you may be trouble. However, you should change your attitude towards them. When something happens that knocks you out of the saddle, think: "What good can I learn from this situation?" It may be experience (as it should do in similar cases in the future), useful contacts or information that will be useful in the future. There is no such problem that wouldn't teach you anything.

— Be environmentally friendly. Causing harm to another person, we send him a powerful charge of negative energy. Which sooner or later will come back in the form of troubles, problems, conflicts or intrigues. Try to behave environmentally friendly. That means don't manipulate others, not to wish them evil, not to retaliate and not to act meanly.

— Notice good. No matter how you hard in this particular moment, near you be sure to have something that brings you joy and pleasure. It may be a trifle in the form of a blooming potted flower or something important, like a loving husband. Make it a rule every day to notice the positive, which you have.published


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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