The most obvious sign of a positive attitude person

The most obvious sign of a positive attitude of man - a complete lack of his desire to find fault in others


Positive attitude - it is a contact with positive traits of other people. Even the negative mood. But most of all we want to point to someone on their faults, because these people annoy us. This behavior - wrong and has only negative consequences. Why? Remember, when you or your irritation pointed to deficiencies ... what this means? Of course, most often to the fact that the relationship soured.

In the Vedic literature provides interesting comparison. Search around the negative side - this consciousness flies. It is said that and fly, fly and bee to honey. But the fly to see the bottom of something dark and smelling, it decides that definitely need to look into this. She goes down. ... And in the end, digging, he spends his entire life. In fact, such negative thinking. But there is also a consciousness of the bees. When a person is firmly committed to the positive mood, as a bee moves to the nectar. He tries to find the best sides around, trying to talk only about the good, in every way to maintain good relations. Such a state of mind clears of suffering is peace, enthusiasm and desire to improve. This, of course, positive thinking property. And so, being in a positive mood, it turns out, there are only a few cases where we have the right to specify other persons on their shortcomings:

 - Firstly, only if the person is inclined to respect us and listen.

 - Second, if we said good desire to help rather than irritable mood, outputting to the conflict.

Where these conditions? To give something to another person, you must be sure that he wants to get it. If a person because of some prejudice and irritable all perceived with hostility, regardless of what we want to give him - he did not take. Writing is possible only if the person is willing to take. At the same time pay tribute to the mind stay positive - to have spoken words had an inner fullness. But not naked outer form. Remember, as in the example with a glass of water?

 - Thirdly, it is necessary to know that we still can not point to the shortcomings of the one who takes to us a higher position. For example, older or parents. If you're after someone with irritation you have shortcomings, sincerely thanked the man and triple zeal tried to work with the identified shortcomings ... This means that you - blissful person. I believe that among you, dear readers, there are many.

In short, a positive attitude - it's not easy. To create it and hold, you need to work hard on yourself.
Go ahead.

3 model of relations

Positive and negative thinking are manifested in different ways.

Usually we have all three types of relationships:
1) with younger
2) with equal
3) with senior

How to understand the thinking - positive or negative - prevails at me now? When we act in a selfish sense of respect for others, we:

 - Oppressed and demonstratively superior to younger
 - Compete and compete with equal
 - Envy and criticize their elders

When our consciousness is changing under the influence of spiritual energy and becomes positive, we:

 - Instead of exploitation and oppression - show mercy, or compassion for the younger
 - Instead of rivalry and competition - we are friends and respect the equal
 - Instead of criticism and envy - with reverence, in the spirit of service to communicate with the senior.

"We have to use things and love people, but nowadays all love things and use people»
Radhanath Swami

The ideal way to develop positive thinking!

We can qualitatively change their minds when deeply accept in their lives the principle of giving and dedication. It is said that devotion - one of the first qualities of God. When we learn to give junior, senior and equal, in the end, our selflessness, spirit of selflessness, sacrifice evoke the nature of other people. And relationships are aligned. Therefore, the principle of sacrifice, the principle of selflessness and desire to give - is the key to a positive relationship.


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