1. It is necessary to have mostly raw fruits and vegetables. Their daily diet should be 70%.

2. It's important to chew food, as there are three types of digestion: saliva, gastric and intestinal. In the mouth salivary digestion begins. His miss in any case impossible. Chew to a "jelly" in the mouth - this will save you from many troubles and misfortunes

. 3. The diet should be a fiber. It quickly passes through the digestive tract, reduces the production of insulin and cholesterol levels, inhibits the conversion of sugar into fat.

4. Food should be rich in vitamins C, E and A (beta-carotene) in its natural form and trace elements: calcium, iron, copper, selenium, zinc, iodine. Statistics show that cancer is most common in women with low activity (eg, nuns). A woman of 18 years old and nursing her baby safe from this disease. Asian women are much less likely to suffer from breast cancer than European.
The excess fats promotes the release of estrogen from the adrenal glands. Estrogens, in turn, increase the number of hormones in the body. Biochemists believe that this is a major cause of breast cancer. But while this is only a hypothesis. However, for all that is best to avoid fatty and sugary foods, or rather, their abundance, especially after 25 years, when the "construction" of the body is finished.
Do not overeat in general and especially nuts and seeds. A rational, healthy food significantly reduces the likelihood of diseases of the digestive system.

5. Food should be fun and a joy to be a sacred act, not a clinical trial.

6. Food should not be too much, nor too little: as much as fits in your palm. (Your fist - the size of your heart and your hand, if you make a form of finger bowl -. Do not stretch your stomach it!)

7. It is useful to receive the food at the same time. But if there is no appetite, it is better to miss one meal, replacing it with fresh drinking water or infusion of the leaves are rich in vitamins C, E and A.

Proper nutrition should provide the body with 9 main parts: amino acids (which will create proteins), fatty acids (not fat); organic carbohydrates; vitamins; mineral salts; cellulose; water; organic acids; enzymes.
All of this is in the "live" fruits and vegetables, seeds, nuts, green leaves and edible roots, medicinal herbs.

8. Excess fat makes fat. But unsaturated acids we need. Most of them in vegetable oil, nuts, seeds, sunflower seeds.

9. Carbohydrates - the main energy supplier. But artificial sugar "eats" your teeth, and it goes to excess fat. Best supplier of carbohydrates - sweet fruits, leaves, vegetables

. 10. Vitamins, minerals, fiber needed constantly, daily. Vitamins are not a source of energy or building material, but they - the mediators even in all life processes. They are very diverse, and perform a variety of functions, and the same applies to mineral salts and fiber.

11. If you prefer to have all boiled, baked, fried, are very important to prepare meals (only for a couple, or in the oven). Food can be a small miracle in terms of physiology and nutrition. But never forget: fruits should be consumed raw or in the form of freshly prepared juices! Do not cook them! And if you eat something cooked, do not forget to combine it with a raw, raw and must be cooked 3 times more. Studies have shown that the worst fed beggars and millionaires. Some, because they lack the construction components, recovery, treatment, purification
intestines, and others - from an excess of fat, protein, carbohydrates

. Civilization has made to modern life are many deplete our body of factors, such as ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, harmful industrial emissions and waste, exhaust fumes from cars, air pollution, water, lack of physical activity, refined foods, tobacco, drugs, spirits, etc. . d.

Over the last 50 years, science and technology created it changed the world to a greater extent than in the previous period of human existence since the occupation in agriculture.
"Will the our generation to adapt to such rapid changes, or due to lack of adaptation will be lost, as the death of many species of the animal world?" - Raises the question of well-known philosopher, scientist of our age, Bernard Russell

. I think a reasonable person is able to resist, understanding, and hence to constructive action. And if you think about how many people are fighting, how to live, then
can only marvel given that modern man has not crippled. This fact is encouraging.
Many nutritionists believe the world that life expectancy may increase up to 200-400 years only due to good nutrition.
Indeed, with the help of food we can give your body all that is needed for recovery and renewal of cells and, therefore, to extend the period of youth and life.


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