The revolution in smartphones-2015: Breakthrough Taiwanese engineers

Since the first iPhone and iPad gadgets became more and more uniform. Instead of truly useful and amazing new features is useless capacity growth "iron" and the screen size, leading to only one - smartphones and tablets need increasingly zaryazhat.Tayvanskie engineers invented a revolutionary new processor for mobile devices, which next year will be a real breakthrough in the manufacture of portable gadgets. New technology smart phones very soon again will surprise and make many aspects of our lives easier and luchshe.Protsessor is not only powerful, but also ekonomichnym.

Ask any owner of a modern smartphone, what is the main problem of his devices? 99% of people will tell you that the most annoying need to constantly look for an outlet to recharge quickly discharged akkumulyator.Dolgoe time, manufacturers have been keen on the "arms race" and increased processing power, screen size and resolution, with very little attention to energy efficiency. And the pursuit of the most subtle body (the current record - 5, 1 mm!) Made them even reduce the size of batareyki.

In today's multi-core processors, even for the most simple tasks once used all possible resources. Accordingly, precious battery power "eaten up" very, very quickly. Rarely a smartphone live up to the end of the working day in intensive ekspluatatsii.Tayvanskie engineers from the company MediaTek (one of the world's top manufacturers of processors for smartphones and tablets) and invented the world's first introduced the system of so-called "intelligent control" processing power. For each problem, we use as much resources as needed. When reading, for example, the e-book is only used some of the nuclei, and the battery is discharged slowly. And to pass the level in 3D-games such as Dark Meadow: The Pact and Modern Combat 5 connect all eight cores at once, at the maximum chastote.

The result - a smartphone or tablet significantly less "eats" battery (approximately 20-25%!). But when necessary, can shoot and show very good performance. "Smart" pumping screens smartfonovIntellektualny control battery consumption - not only technology revolutionary brainchild of Taiwanese engineers. No less than the "persistence" batteries, users of modern smartphones care quality display. Despite the "songs" producers about how much they do to improve the image on the screen, real progress in recent years, almost invisible to the naked eye usual polzovatelya.

An infinite number of pixels has little effect on the real quality of the picture. The human eye is unable to distinguish the run 5-inch Full HD-screen (1920 x 1080 pixels) from 2K display (2560 x 1440) of the same size. So palpable difference lies mainly in the fact that the new superekran will .... super-fast "eat" all the same sickly batareyku.

New Taiwan MediaTek processor will allow manufacturers of smartphones and tablets to pay attention to other equally important parameters of the image, which really improve significantly affect the quality of the image. For example, a faster refresh rate. The higher it is - the more smoothly and realistically look at all the movements displee.

A revolutionary new processor supports Taiwan's refresh rate of 120 Hz. It is twice more than in almost all modern smartphones and tablets! Translated into human language - 50% reduced blurring of moving objects on the screen. The movement of the actors in the movie, the characters in the games, the text when scrolling in the browser and the desktop icons looks even smoother and more realistic. That is, the overall image a little bit more closer to realnosti.

The backlight will teach dumatDrugaya "small revolution" that can change our attitude to smartphones and greatly reduce battery consumption, - a system of intelligent control backlight. Even users of expensive gadgets in bright sunlight often can not comfortably looking at photos and videos on your smartphone or tablet. Especially if the displayed image is dominated by dark colors. Conversely, in a dark room lights sometimes be too bright. We have to get into the settings and tighten up the brightness depending on what you plan posmotret.

Another "trick" the new processor ingenious inventors Asian - technology that optimizes the screen, focusing directly on the external lighting conditions and colors of the image. Smartphone or tablet itself will adjust the brightness and backlight so that any picture in any situation looked maximum horosho.Professionalnaya camera in karmaneNaibolee noticeable to the naked eye innovations that appear in smartphones and tablets of 2015, related to the work chambers. Want superkachestvennuyu camcorder fits in your pocket? Next year you will be able to her zapoluchit.

Frame rate (FPS - Frames Per Second) - setting the video, which is responsible for the smooth motion in the picture and clarity of moving objects. The more frames per second - the better. In addition, high frequency allows you to take beautiful and smooth slow video.S a maximum frame rate video shoots the coolest and the most fancy American Action Camera GoPro Hero 4 Black? As many as 240 frames per second! The same value of this indicator and the newest iPhone 6. Not bad, of course. But smartphone 2015 new processor MediaTek will support video recording with a resolution of Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) and frame rate as much as 480 frames per second. At two times more than the new iPhone 6! When playing a video shot with a frequency of 480 FPS, you can slow down 16 times. And, as seen in the example, the movement will still look as smooth and objects - the most clear-cut:

For information: Peter Jackson filmed trilogy about a hobbit in the HFR format at 48 frames per second on a professional movie camera Red Epic FF35. The price of this camera - $ 50 000 (or 2.5 million rubles at the current rate). You can capture as your dog-mongrel shakes off water on a regular smartphone (15-20 thousand rubles) with ten times the frame rate than in the Oscar-winning blokbastere.

"Photoshop" is no longer needed! Perhaps one of the most interesting features of the invention engineers MediaTek - «instant photoshop". Especially this technology will delight devushek.Seychas to put a really beautiful pictures to Instagram, have to first download it from the phone to the computer, there is a photo editor in the process (to cover up pimples, red eyes, etc. the little things that do not hide the filter) and again throw on a mobile phone. Even if you have certain skills to work out minutes 15-20.

Smartphones and tablets on the new processor will be able to automatically "decorate" the face in real time. Gadgets with such a function on sale yet only two - Lenovo Vibe X2 and Meizu MX4 on the new 8-core processor MediaTek. But soon, many manufacturers will want to implement this truly amazing fishku.

Photo processing is carried out in real time - the result of "gentrification" of a person immediately displayed in the viewfinder before you press the shutter release. A person becomes slimmer, eyes - more pimples and black eyes uhodyat.

Finally, the latest invention Taiwanese protsessorostroiteley - "Picture in Picture". Allows you to combine images from two cameras in one shot. Of course, this can be done manually, "Photoshop" - but to create a collage of two photos will take at least 10-15 minutes. In addition, the result of the work does not always look quite kachestvennym.

Smartphones and tablets on the new processor MediaTek will be able to make the combination automatically, efficiently and in real time - even the press did not have to, just select the menu. Remove yourself front camera, take pictures at the same time background back - and immediately get a vivid portrait of himself detailed the selected background. Frame goes higher quality than if you had managed to remove all at once to the front camera. A similar option is for video.

And Apple really tense! It is important to note that the development of Taiwanese companies are now used not only top smartphone makers, but also many second-tier manufacturers - Fly, Explay, teXet and others. MediaTek engineers have already presented its new partners. So many gadget makers are already working on the implementation in their new machines unusual functions referred to in tekste.

It turns out that in early 2015 will sell cheap (15 000) smart phones, which, unlike the new iPhone and iPad, will really surprise even the experienced and demanding user. Will the "apple" company to catch up, to regain the lead in the smartphone innovation, beating tricky Asians - the big question.



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