Trouble-shooter - the person to solve any problems

Many of us did not have any idea about the profession Trouble-shooter, but such specialists do exist! This definition comes to us from the west, and translated to English as "destroyer of problems." Working in this area people solve problems of different people as owners of large businesses, factories, industries, and small businesses owners. Trouble-shooters in Russia is quite rare people, although there exists a demand for ratings. There is also a division of the profession to political strategists, business practitioners, business coaches and entertainers.

Man, problem solver, not an easy profession. To help the customer need to think outside the box, creative, challenging, and be confident in their decisions, actions. He can not be wrong, because at stake is the reputation and success of the company, which he took to help, and his own. They are usually passed from customer to customer, on any labor exchange will resume or job Trouble-shooter. The schedule is painted many weeks in advance, an hour of professional time is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Use Trouble-shooter services can afford not all, and not to everyone it will help the customer.

A lot of examples of the work of these professionals in the west. Not surprising, because it was there first time there was a trouble-shooter profession - man, problem solver. Although the worldwide real experts of the profession in all about a hundred.

One of them is the history of the existence of two companies producing the reference product, the same size and content. One firm invited Trouble-shooter in his company, the task was to draw attention to this edition, solution to the problem was proposed as soon as possible. Reference should be to issue a smaller size and greater thickness. The rival was ruined in a matter of days.

What is the secret, ask each? Quite simply, in the office receiving literature and reference books, as a rule, put a stack, from a larger to a smaller format. Thus, people browsing publications without thinking, unconsciously made themselves the choice of publication, pushing competitor.

Another example of the Trouble-shooter has occurred in the main office of the famous Nike. Management has decided to start production of shoes in Africa.

All planned - the number of enterprises, staff, terms of manufacturing, the price of the product. Everything is ready.

After several months of work, the company began to incur losses. The reason why was the theft of the shoe factory workers, they took the shoes out of production for the whole of his family and did not hesitate to wear it, cost more than the family income as a whole. Then the management has taken action and has recruited an additional amount of guards, but they began to take the products to all the members of his family.

The losses were enormous, the cost is much higher than revenues, and then invited Trouble-shooter.

After reviewing the circumstances, methods, and ways to remedy the situation, he offered only one solution, to produce in one country left side of the pair, the other right.


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