Three solutions that will change your financial life

Online magazine for entrepreneurs Enterpreneur published a column by Tony Robbins - the most famous in the world of Life coach. Robbins - a figure truly legendary. Over the years, he has advised the most successful businessmen of the planet and has worked with several American presidents. Now he talks about the three most important decisions that can change your life.

There is nothing worse than to be rich, but chronic unhappy and angry man. To do this, there is no excuse, and yet, I see a successful and eternally dissatisfied with something people every day. This is the result of an unbalanced life, too high expectations and a reluctance to rejoice that already have.

Without gratitude and appreciation for what you already have, you will never be happy with life. If you do not try to balance your life, you will never know what real satisfaction. What will be worth all your achievements in your life if you have a job, and discontent?

Over the past four decades, I have worked with people from different walks of life. But most of all to me has been accessed businessmen and politicians. There were presidents, and owners of small businesses.

During these 40 years, I have found that people, in general, should take three key decisions that determine the quality of their lives.

If you take them unconsciously, in the end, like most people, you will be unhappy. You will not have the desired physical form, money is never enough, and in his personal life is a mess. The good news is that if you come to this decision consciously, it will literally change the course of your life. Already today.

Decision №1: Choose carefully what the note

. At any given time, millions of things competing for your attention. You can focus on what is happening right here and now, or what you want to create in the future. And you can focus on the past.

Depending on whether it is directed to focus your attention, energy direction changes in your body. So, what you pay attention, shapes your view of the world - and, ultimately, your life

. What are you usually thinking about what you already have, or what you are missing? The most of the time busy with your thoughts?

Instead of constantly grumbling that you do not have enough money, you can admit that you still have a lot of good. You may experience balgodarnost for what you have health, family, friends, intelligence and capabilities.
Develop a habit to appreciate what you have now. This will help you reach a new level of emotional well-being.

Here is the second pattern of your behavior. You tend to pay more attention to what you are able to control, or the fact that you do not have power over? If you focus on what you can not control, then the stress will become an integral part of your life. To effectively accept the fact that there are things that you have no control over, and try to improve on what you're working.

№2 Solution: Find out what it all means

. How do you feel has nothing to do with the events in your life or your financial condition. The quality of your life - the result of your attitude toward life, not what you get, and that - no

. You may not realize how much your life affects the subconscious. Think about how you usually treat serious trouble: a car accident, illness, dismissal from work? You tend to think that this is the end? Or is it the beginning?

A person who is constantly criticizing you, just offends you or cares about you to become better?

God throws you challenges and trials that make you better and stronger?

Very often you can not influence what happens in your life. But you can influence their attitude to what is happening.

Emotions define your life. Learn to manage consciously and intelligently.

Decision №3: What will you do

? Your actions are essential to your emotional state. If you are angry, you will behave differently than if all the perceived safer.

You should focus on how to do their best, enhancing their rights and opportunities. Two different people can completely react differently to the same difficult and unpleasant situation. Some retreat, others are constantly pushing themselves forward. For some, anger - this irritation, for others - a rage. Some people, when they are wronged, try to forget about what happened, others infect your brain a desire for revenge.

Think about how you usually behave when upset, angry or feeling lonely.

Consider these three questions. That is exactly how you respond to them, and ultimately determine the quality of your life.

Author: Konstantin Shiyan


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