10 puzzles that will make you use your loaf ... It's not twice two is four!

Who of us in childhood did not like to solve puzzles, riddles, charades, sit for hours on crossword puzzles, participate in various impromptu quizzes to test intelligence. But why I say this in the past tense: many of us still like to get together with friends and spend time with benefits.

If you can not figure out how you can still have fun in a big company, the most interesting puzzles trick is just what the doctor ordered. And it is not just the familiar 'hanging pear - you can not eat, "or" winter and summer in one color. " Even a smart guy have to pretty sweat to give the correct answer to the puzzle. There is not so simple as twice two is four. I suppose you can not wait to see what kind of charade that lead to break down? Well, Brain Bashers and guesses. Just do not forget to carefully think things through before you dare to give the right answer! Tasks some logic ...

1. I send a man into the sea and caught in a storm. They carried him to the island, where there were men and women living alone. In the morning the man woke up at some ritual, all tied with ropes, and learned that he wanted to kill. Then the poor fellow asked to give him the last word. Once a man gave him his boat fashioned girl, they gave food and sent home. What did he say?

2. This puzzle first class student decides for 5 minutes, a high school student copes 15 minutes, the student - an hour, the professor did not solve ever. And that's the whole puzzle: Unscramble ODTCHPSHSVDD.

3. A train traveling from Moscow to St. Petersburg with a delay of 10 minutes, and the other - in the opposite direction with a delay of 20 minutes. Which of these trains will be closer to Moscow when they meet?

4. It is known that among the nine false coins have one weight which is less than the rest. How to use the cup weights weighing just two to determine a fake?

5. Should a wall of concrete 3 meters high, 20 meters long and weighing 3 tons. As it lay, without any aids and tools?

6. Cat - 3 horse - 5, cock - 8 Donkey - 2, cuckoo - 4 Frog - 3 Dog -?

7. River fit two people. At the shore is a boat that can withstand only one. The two men crossed to the opposite shore. How?

8. Where there is such, that the horse jumps over the horse?

9. Sherlock Holmes walked down the street. Suddenly he saw a dead woman lying on the ground. The detective walked up, opened her bag and pulled out the phone. The phonebook found the number and called her husband. Sherlock said: "Urgent come here. Your wife is dead. " After some time the husband comes and looks at his wife and says, "My dear, what happened to you?" Soon the police arrived in time. Sherlock pointed a finger at the woman's husband and said, "Arrest this man, he killed his wife." Question: Why Sherlock thought so?

10. Father and two sons hiking. On their way to meet the river, near the shore where there was a raft. He stands on the water, or father, or two sons. Like all cross to the other side?

Well, you had a chance to sit on these puzzles are not 5 minutes? And now check their answers correct. Well, how success?

1. Let me kill the ugliest.

2. 1, 2, 3, 4 ...

3. At the time of the meeting, they will be at the same distance from Moscow.

4. First weighing: at each end of the scale for 3 coins. Fake is in the bunch, which weighs less. If equal, the counterfeit coin to a third party. Second weighting: of the three lightest take two coins and weighed. What bowl sink lower and there is a fake. If the scales are equal, then a fake - the remaining coins from the party.

5. The thickness of the wall is no more than two centimeters, which allows you to push her hand.

6. The cat says meow (3 letters), horse - and th-th (5 letters), a rooster - Ku-ka-re-ku (8) ... The dog, as you know - wow, so the correct answer 3.

7. They were just on different banks.

8. In chess.

9. After Holmes gave the address where to go.

10. First ferried two sons. One of them comes back to his father. Pope moved to the opposite side to his son and stays on the beach, and the second son of the original forwarded to the shore for a brother, after which they both forwarded to the father.

And as you have matched all the answers? Do not worry if you suddenly said something wrong - it's just an occasion to reflect and improve their intellectual abilities. By the way, as experience shows, in most cases children find the right answer much faster than adults. Spend an experiment at home - wondering how you and your kids cope with the task. Well, if these puzzles you really like, do not forget to share them with all friends. Let a little stir the convolutions!

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