At first glance, it's a cute picture of affection on the woodpecker ... But in reality it is not so harmless ...

To make delightful pictures of nature, it is not necessary to use Photoshop. World of animals does not cease to surprise us! Remember sprightly Zhabko that straddled horned beetle? So, that was able to remove the British photographer Martin Le Mai, it is unlikely you have to see every day ... Weasel flying at woodpecker ... The spectacle is truly fantastic! Something like fairy tales about a magic carpet.

According to Le May, he quietly and peacefully walking in the park when he saw a real struggle for survival - flew over him disheveled woodpecker on which sat a caress. As you know, petting - fans ravage bird nests. When these animals are very hungry, they are able to gobble up the entire adult birds. Martin just was required to capture it on camera. Photographer calms everyone who cares about the fate of the woodpecker: «In the end, the woodpecker had lived, and tenderness, hungry, hid in the grass». I>

At first glance, it resembles a woodpecker rodeo ...

But it was a desperate struggle for survival ... in a life and death!

Woodpecker landed ... The fight goes on ... then caress had soap heel.

Fortunately, this story has a happy ending. Only here weasel left with an empty stomach ...

In the wild, not all end so well. This is a separate world that lives by its own rules, immune to the human mind. The strongest survive. Share this fabulous photo report directly from the world of wildlife to your friends.


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