First love and first time...

The first children's Hobbies, kisses and innocent touches occur long before sexual maturation. Adults treat her sometimes with mockery, but nobody wants to take it seriously. But for the origin of the nature and type of future women and mothers every one of the Hobbies of the opposite sex plays a big role. Every adult woman hidden the girl. If first love was mutual, it evokes pleasant memories and bright moments. Unrequited love can cause serious psychological trauma and affect future sexual relations. Therefore, adults should not hinder their children to fall in love!


The majority of girls that age psychologically may not be ready by the beginning of the deliberate sexual life. They want to be desirable, convinced in their own sense of beauty for men, but they are in no hurry to jump the bar that separates them from the adult world. If a girl pressured adults and she always inferior to their will despite their own desire, she quickly becomes a victim of other people's beliefs on how to see the world and perceive white as black and where to see good and evil. These girls usually become sexually active long before, when really experiencing true need. The main reason for this is the speculation of many friends, the credibility of the rush of sensations from the process and perseverance partner, they are afraid of loneliness and dream to get out from under parental control. Forced sexual intercourse leaves bitter memories that will long remain in the mind, and the consequences will manifest themselves in relations with children, in intimate relations with her husband.


The most commonly practiced form of sexual relations is petting and unfortunately forgotten as soon as the sexual act becomes a mere phenomenon, exercise of the day and night. Dry humping is any sexual affection, with the exception of the penetration. The masculine touch of a man, never leave the woman from the innocent excitement, they do sometimes come to the fore and this is enough to satisfy women's whims. Passionate embrace, kissing and petting (including without undressing) can deliver a lot of pleasure for both partners. Positive to it are women, whose affection is often more important than the penetration.


The rupture of the hymen is a difficulty for any woman. Not all men are willing to be the first men women, feeling perhaps helpless, the responsibility for such an important step in the life of their partner. But there are those that only looking for this unique chance to be a pioneer. Many believe that breaking the hymen necessarily associated with pain and bleeding. This is not so. Modern research shows that severe pain was experienced by those women whose hymen was very thick, and the hole in her was very little. Also pain during defloration, experienced women, choose inexperienced, selfish, or too hasty of a partner.If the rupture of the hymen was followed by the bleeding to stop him, should be pressed to the bleeding spot, to use sanitary napkins and sit down on a flat and solid surface for 10-30 mins Usually after 20-30 min. the bleeding stops. To cost to remember that there is a high probability during their first sexual intercourse a woman to get pregnant. If you have no plans to build a family and have children, take care of the contraceptives!


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