Haunted Photos

Ghosts hit the camera lens, true or not, no one knows, only guesses and speculation.

In the hotel there was a murder, the culprit was never found. Since then, someone can not find peace and live in the hotel itself.

A strange legend surrounds a railroad crossing in the south of San Antonio, Texas. They say that there was an accident that killed several schoolchildren, ghosts which have remained in the area and at times they pushed stationary vehicles on the move, and although the road goes up. The daughter of Andy and Debi Chesney with a few friends recently went to the crossing to test the legend. She took a few shots - one of them you can see a clear shape.

"Brown Lady" Captain Provanda: the portrait ghosts "Brown Lady" is actually the most famous ghost picture of all time. It is believed that it is the ghost of Lady Dorothy Taunshed, wife of Charles Taunsheda. The couple lived in Reynhem Hall in Norfolk, England in the early 18th century. It was rumored that the marriage to Dorothy was the mistress of Lord Wharton. Charles suspected Dorothy of infidelity. Although according to the documents she died and was buried in 1726, people suspected that this was the view, and that Charles had locked his wife in the farthest corner of the house until her death, which occurred many years later.

Lord Kombermere. Photo Sibello Corbett: in the photo you can see the blurred figure of a man sitting in a chair. It is believed that it is the ghost of Lord Kombermere, commander of the British cavalry early 19th century, who died in 1891 as a result of hitting the horse carts.

Freddie Jackson for one of the pilots can clearly see the face of another man. It is believed that the person is Freddy Jackson, aircraft mechanic, who was killed in an accident (he was killed by a propeller) two days before the shooting. His funeral took place on the day when the picture was taken. Colleagues easily learned Jackson's picture. They decided that Jackson did not realized that he had died, I decided to participate in the group photo.


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